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Menyoo 1.0.212 Download

  • i dont understand, whats the point of updates, if nobody cant download it :D

  • @Gta5KoRn you're absolutely right

  • Was somebody able to download the last update? :D

  • @Gta5KoRn no, that link is basically useless. It never worked for me.

  • menyoo 1.0.212? Man I'm using 1.5 from github modified to my own 1.6.3 now. I need to merge the changes (if any) for the latest build and intend to do a pull request when I'm happy with it. Latest versions have always been available on Mafins Git though, maybe not as a release, but the build files are all there

    For anyone that wants my .asi, see here. Just over-write whatever latest version of menyoo you are using, all the menyoostuff folders work the same, so you can keep those

  • @ItsJustCurtis we know. I once made some minor changes to the source code and recompiled it successfully but with some additional packages advised by @jitnaught.

    Unfortunately the gamer who can't even locate GTA5.EXE is unlikely to work with the source.

    I use Menyoo as is, from the github releases, and increasingly develop my own lemonui menus for 90% of what i actually use in game, that is teleporting, music, spawning and customizing vehicles and peds.

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