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Can't open weapons wheel outside of car and mini map is blank?

  • Hi guy's

    I can't seem to get my weapons wheel to open outside of a vehicle (using TAB, which is the correct keybinding) and also my mini map has no roads on it.

    Here is what I have installed if that helps:

    GTA 5: Latest version
    ScriptHook: Latest version
    RagePluginHook: Latest version
    LSPDF: Latest version
    EUP Menu: Latest version
    Law & Order Protect and Serve
    British Police car mod pack
    British police uniforms
    Zolika1351's Trainer (also can't get this to open using the keys I set F3 & F8)

    Any help would be much appreciated


    So the weapons wheel issue seemed to fix itself after I got killed and respawned at a police station.

    But the roads are only appearing sometimes, for the most time they are not on the mini map in whichever area I am in.

  • @Loz check to see if game works properly without mods first. Then, by process of elimination, disable mods until u find culprit.

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