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Blender .mesh into 3DS Gims EVO

  • So I imported GTA V Husky PED into blender. Then I added a wolf model. I resized the animals close each other. I transferred weight paint of the husky armature to the wolf and when I'm in pose mode he seems rigged well. I export out as a GTA .mesh file. I replace the .mesh file inside the .ODD with the one I am exporting from blender. I rename the .mesh file the same name as the GTA one. Then I try to import the .ODD into 3DS with Gims Evo and I get an error.

    Can't find a vertex declaration with name "S12D0183F" for material #1. Mesh can't be read and will be skipped.
    1 times: Can't import anything.

    Can anyone help me with a fix? I checked the .ODD file in a text editor and the vertex declaration is also S12D0183F so it matches. Can't seem to get it to import no matter what I do. Has anyone had this problem before or have any suggestions?

    Here are some screenshots.


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