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online vehicles spawned with menyoo automatically delete themselves after a few seconds

  • comments have been disabled on the menyoo page on here and on the website where it's been continued, so I'm forced to post this problem here. the title is all i know. i spawn a vehicle, say, a phantom wedge, via the menyoo vehicle spawner, and it despawns after a few seconds.

    Edit: I figured out it's only the online vehicles that despawn.

  • @madkirk74 there should be an option to disable despawn off dlc vehicles that might be whats happening

  • @madkirk74 You can use Simple Trainer ( TrainerV ) for it. It has a built-in and always on feature that prevents online vehicles despawning.

    For Menyoo, maybe if you spawn them using Object Spooner > Spawn Entity > Vehicle it might work as well.

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