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Crashing on Story load, working fine two days ago

  • I tried playing today and got a crash on loading the story, after the game loaded up fine to the main menu. I haven't touched my folder in a few days. My first load today crashed with a ScriptHookV error, I updated script hook. Then the windows crash happened during loads after this. I looked up all my mods and none have been updated recently. What is crashing my game?
    Simple Trainer
    Character Vehicle Mod
    Character Clothing Mod
    Drag Dead
    Better Chase + Arrest
    Realistic Epic Explosions X
    Gangsta Frank
    Glock 17 by Jridah

  • @Pozhinat It might be that one of the mods you have installed is not compatible with the newest GTA V version that was released last Tuesday. I recommend checking out the download pages of all of those mods that you listed and check if other people are reporting crashes, if people are reporting crashes, I'd recommend removing the mod and then trying to see if the game works.
    Another thing that you can do is to just remove the mods folder (if you used it) and then reinstall the mods again

  • @Pozhinat Easy. Copy your original "update.rpf" to the "mods" folder and install all the mods again that modify "update.rpf" e.g. "Realistic Epic Explosions X". You need to do that after every update!

  • @Phnx Thanks, will do. That was my last measure.

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