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Liberty City Remix V major problems

  • Hello everyone,

    Yesterday I downloaded and installed Liberty City Remix V along with French Montana and countryside. Now, I have a few problems with Liberty City. First, some FPS drops when looking a certain angle. Second, and the most major problem that I have and that I came here for, interiors are very problematic and don't work correctly. First of all, they don't even have a door. Second of all, if I enter them, the protagonist jumps into it like water. And the third and biggest problem is that when i'm inside the interior, it disappears. It's so annoying, especially because I downloaded this map expecting working interiors. Sometimes they work, it seems to be inconsistent, even though most of the times it just doesn't work. I tried uninstalling French Montana and countryside, but the uninstallers don't work. I tried installing No Boundary Limits but that didn't help. So can somebody please help me with this?

  • @adamracingv10 There are quite a few versions of Liberty City, different versions of GTA5, and millions of computer configurations from crappy laptops to high end gaming rigs.

    So we would need considerably more information. FPS is ofc limited by your hardware, particularly graphics card and visual settings. I have not had any texture issues with LC, contrary to Vice City which need the textures set to normal as per the developer. So this could be hardware, software, or memory leaks. Reboot and try again to ensure clean memory.

    You can't be serious about buildings not having doors. Welcome to open world games.

    As for interiors leading to water, pls provide examples. The museum is a good example of an interior with collisions. You can walk in, explore, without falling through.

    Keep in mind that some versions of GTA5 broke collisions which is why u need to provide your update version.

    Finally, i have no idea what French Montana is. Please provide a link, unless u meant Riviera? And what is countryside?

    As for uninstallers, if you sadly used an OIV, they can't uninstall because they don't backup your original mod files nor vanilla files. The best case is they can provide the developers originals at the time they created their OIV, anywhere from 2013 to 2022! So you will very likely need to manually delete and even restore from vanilla files.

    One final point. GTA5, contrary to popular belief and to the chagrin of its developer, was not designed to be modded. On the contrary, R* would love to see SP die a slow and horrible death until they can sell you GTA6, while focusing solely on online in the interim.

    So no guarantees any mods will work, in whole or in part, and no support from R* (with additional copyright issues here) and very unlikely to get support from the mod creator.

  • Hello, yes sorry I meant French Riviera, and the countryside is something that just comes with Liberty City V in the extras. Also the interior I had most problems with was Niko's first safehouse and the bar owned by Vlad, and also the Russian shop near Niko's first safehouse. The diner near his safehouse was very inconsistent but worked most of the times. The bowling area worked fine for me, though. By the way, I only fell in water one time, but other times Franklin is like jumping in the water but actually just falling to the floor. It's still weird. I have to specify that the interiors just disappear. Like, I see the water underneath. I don't actually fall into it. The collisions still work, just not the interior itself. Also, here are my specs:
    CPU: Amd Ryzen 5 3600X
    GPU: Amd Radeon RX 5700 XT
    16 GB of ram
    500GB Nvme2 Ssd
    I'm using the version of the map that fixes the collision issues on new versions.

  • @adamracingv10 What confuses me is when you say inconsistent. I've never experienced interiors just disappear, same with collisions being there one minute and gone the other.

    Maybe someone else can help but my game definitely does not behave like this. I will get FPS issues at times which require a hardware reboot but generally speaking my mods work consistently or they don't work period.

    The only exception I have, which I never figured out, is a streaming ped of the punisher which randomly (for a given session) refuses to spawn (thru code or trainer) for unknown reasons. In other words, hit or miss, all other parameters held constant.

  • What is the latest/best Liberty City mod? I downloaded one from years ago and not sure if it's complete/updated. Can you please link to the latest aka "best" Liberty City mod?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Suzerain001
    Here is the link to Liberty City Remix V. The best (and only) Liberty city mod I can find.

  • @adamracingv10 Thank you for that - downloaded it and installed but ran into a few issues.

    • The performance in Liberty City drops to < 30fps when it is > 60fps in Los Santos (GTA V map) - there is a "Timecycle" file inside the Liberty City mod but I didn't install that since I have NVE

    • When I fly to Liberty City in a plane (installed the "East" version), the screen goes black for a second and then comes back - hard to see where the city is when flying around fast and the screen fades in and out

    • I had NVE installed prior to installing this mod - did that mess things up? Should I uninstall Liberty City, then NVE, and then install Liberty City and NVE in that order?

  • this happens to me aswell. hope someone fixes the performance and interiors

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