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How to add and remove vehicles to areas

  • I got away from GTA several years ago and now that I'm back I've forgotten a lot of things I used to know.

    I've looked at several of the help guides but I'm not seeing what I need.

    With the popcycle and popgroup I'm trying to add trailered semis to all paved areas of the map except residential areas, especially the Sandy Shores area. I did this before when I was playing and had semis rolling down all the major roads. The road one up from Trevor's trailer seems like a bypass between two freeways, and in my opinion should have a lot of semi traffic even though it's a two lane, but currently has none.

    I'm also trying to remove the Blazers quads and Tractors from all paved roads. I've lost count of the number of times I've been tagged by or slammed into a Blazer quad or Tractor on paved roads.

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks for the link. I did download that tool a few days ago, but my rig doesn't have Accel on it and I can't see purchasing it for a $100 a year just to modify the files. I did download the trial version of Accel, but you only can use it for a few weeks before Microsoft wants to bill you. Having never used it before, the learning curve and time limit are a bit tight.

    I'm not opposed to manually editing the files, that's what I did before, I've just forgotten what I need to do to get the traffic how I want it. All the tutorials I've found are geared to adding new dlc vehicles to traffic rather than editing the vanilla ones to respond differently.

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