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Texture glitches

  • hey guys i have recently been getting alot of texture glitches and i have tried different game configs to fix but i cant seem to resolve it. anyone can help would be gratefully appreciated! pls see attached image. (https://imgur.com/a/vtXrpnE)

  • @Samiulb Unlikely that it's your game config. You haven't provided enuf information to get help. First question is does this happen without mods? If it does happen in the vanilla game forget about mods causing the issues. Your FPS is pretty low as well, so it could be hardware related.

    Try the topic here Asking for Help

  • thanks for replying! i dont think its a hardware issue im getting 60 on average with a strong gpu, cpu and ram. But ill try remove mods and see what happens. it wasnt happening before the latest update so a bit confused with that. once again thanks ill give it a try

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