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Item prices location (Cars, food, weapons...)

  • I'm playing with "realistic" mods that make me loose all money/weapons when I die so I need to re-buy them again after death and ammunation prices doesn't make any sense (example 350 for pistol and 2700 for sns pistol) so I was trying to find where this values are stores... no luck.

    I also tried to search with OIV for any mention of price, money, dolar, $, store... or anything about any item to get a clue where ANY price values of anything could be stored but no luck either.

    Anybody knows any info, clue or any bit of info?

  • @loginos I would say try the weapons.meta but I just looked and didn't see anything relating to the cost of the weapons. Unless I misread what a value meant? Hopefully someone with better knowledge can chime in as I am now curious on changing this myself.

    P.S. which mod do you use for loosing the money and weapons upon death/arrest?

  • @DugiHowser
    With values I meant for example gun=100$, rifle=200$.. price of buyable things ingame, stuff like this.
    But unfortunately I have found 0 mention of any price of anything ingame (be it cars, food, weapons..) in any file inside .rpf I managed to open with notepad++ so I have absolutely no idea where to even look for it.

    "Loose waepns on death"
    I really don't know, I had so many mods de/installed that my .rpf files are total mess of changes. If I found I'll let you know.

    You can try pickups.

    If not then enhanced native trainer. (under weapons>Loose weapons on arrest/death)
    But with ENT it seems you loose all weapons even when arested.

    Hope it helps.

  • @loginos Thanks for the info. I already use pickups and do like that mod. I use menyo trainer and perhaps there is a setting for it in there.

    Yes when I meant "value" I meant price wise. Ill see if I can look some more and if I find something Ill update.


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