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Vehicle Deformation does not have an impact on performance script

  • Looking for a or have someone make a script to make it so that the deformation a car gets does not affect the performance of a car, going for all cars in the game, to describe some of the changes, vehicle must drive the same no matter how deformed it is, wheel position does not change from deformation or the wheel position does not slow down the car or halt it to a stop, vehicle deformation must stay the same or be increased though, vehicle health must stay.

  • I'm assuming that (in theory) something as simple as the following in JM36 Lua Plugin would/should work (for any vehicle that you get into):

    	local SetEntityCanBeDamaged, SetVehicleCanBeVisiblyDamaged, SetVehicleHasStrongAxles
    		= SetEntityCanBeDamaged, SetVehicleCanBeVisiblyDamaged, SetVehicleHasStrongAxles
    	local LastVehicle
    	local Vehicle = Info.Player.Vehicle
    	local yield = JM36.yield
    	while true do
    		local Vehicle_Id = Vehicle.Id
    		if Vehicle_Id ~= LastVehicle and Vehicle.IsIn and Vehicle.IsOp then
    			SetEntityCanBeDamaged(Vehicle_Id, false)
    			SetVehicleCanBeVisiblyDamaged(Vehicle_Id, true)
    			SetVehicleHasStrongAxles(Vehicle_Id, true)
    			LastVehicle = Vehicle.Id

  • Interesting, could you expand upon this and possibly leave a download for the script please?

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