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[SCRIPT] Harpoon + Real Fish spawner

  • would be great to get something like a harpoon usable in water,
    this combined with something that could spawn real fish (right now spawned fish (via map editor,menyoo, etc) act like normal ped in some way and it's for exemple impossble to spawn some shark that will attack player (they will just run away, even on land xd ), also it could be nice to get fish able to attack player (pirhana mod xP).

  • @Shaezbreizh

    if we find a good Harpoon model,
    we could change the harpoon with the knife, so you could use it underwater.

  • @yeahhmonkey well yeah would be great, between it could be a manual harpoon or even better a harpoon rifle with a hook so we could grab the fish xP

  • @Shaezbreizh

    I could convert a harpoon model if we have one thats great.
    but i can't make a Harpoon riffle and that would be awesome.

    lets wait and hope someone could make this.

  • @yeahhmonkey yeah i hope some one would have enough skill do script this ;s

  • @Shaezbreizh
    I'm a beginner at scripts,
    But I can't make a weapon that shoots harpoons Haha

  • @yeahhmonkey i guess it shouldn't be ez xP

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