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Steam Version 2628.2 - how to revert

  • This is just to confirm that one file, and one file only, is required to revert from GTA5 2628.2. That file is, and remains, GTA5.exe.

    I looked at Update.rpf and Update2.rpf, I mean just file dates and size and they seem unchanged as well.

    Only changes, and I haven't looked in OpenIV for the new car models, seem to be the DLCpacks. Actually I think this update is just a patch, nothing else, a waste of time for SP that's for sure, but it does require a new SH5 unless you revert.

    So, once more, backup GTA5.exe if you want to play while waiting for SH5 updates, or if you never want to update again.

    Ofc, backup your customized mod files as wells.

  • Can you upload gta5.exe file? Didnt made backup...damn

    Nevermind...i found it, and yes, only exe file will fix it.

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