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Addon car name - global.gxt2 + Menyoo favourite vehicles searcher

  • Hi all!

    I've a couple of question about gtav carname:

    1. How could i massively change carname for replace and addon vehicles (instead of edit vehicles.meta name tag for each vehicles)?
      I tried to put a global.gxt2 edited by "VPC GXT2 Editor [Advanced]" in the path x64/data/lang/italiandlc.rpf/global.gxt2, in my personal dlc pack directory, but without results. (gxt file can correctly be opened and read by openiv, so it would be correct).
      i.e. 0x012FC9F5 = Ferrari Testarossa 1987
    1. I put all my vehicles row in the correct format in menyoo spawner files GTAV\menyooStuff\AddedVehicleModels.xml. i.e.

    <VehModel modelName="f8t4" modelHash="0x18d6e081" customName="Ferrari F8 Tributo 2020" />

    In game i can spawn correcty all vehicles, but the search does't run: i.e. if in the searcher i type "ferrari" i receive 30 results, but i 've 100 ferrari, ecc.... I dont'understand why...

    Can someone help me? Thanks in advance guys!!!

  • Hey,

    1. The problem with gxt2 files is that often times Add On cars come with those already installed. And those can affect your result greatly. For example, if you install a mod with the vehicle make "mercedes", and the language file assigned "Mercedes-Benz" for that hash, maybe in another addon the make is also "mercedes", but you assign the name just "Mercedes" for its hash, but in the game either both cars show "Mercedes-Benz" or both cars show "Mercedes". So first, make sure any hash that you use is not used by any other addon mod.
      I don't quite understand where you put the file, was it in the dlcpack of the Ferrari addon, or was it in a dlcpack where you intend to have one single language file for all your cars? If the latter is the case, make sure to delete the language files for all the addon cars, because those almost certainly already exist. I'd advise you to simply edit each dlc's language file individually though.
      Other than that, there isn't much to it. I'd recommend using both, the vehicle make, as well as the vehicle name. The limit for the make in the vehicle.meta is 8 characters, for the car name it's 11 characters.
    2. Menyoo should list the cars without any manual adding already. It will list them by either the carname in the vehicle.meta, or the language name that is assigned in a global.gxt2 for that name's hash. The addon spawner will also list the make, which I prefer because it automatically sorts all addon cars alphabetically by make, while Menyoo lists and sorts by vehicle name. Either way, it should be there without adding it in any .xml.
      Try spawning the car manually with its spawn name seen in the vehicle.meta, and see if the desired text shows up on the bottom right corner.

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