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Textures pop

  • Hi ! With mods or not, I have textures pops in my game (pop in and totally dispaear), its from objects to entire buildings or even map.
    I didn't found a way to get rid of it, especially as I have a high end computer, in addition, I installed my game in a NVMe M.2 disk but it changed nothing.

    Thanks you in advance, sorry for my english, im french lol

    Here a screen

  • @TheLastSun not enough information. Does this happen with vanilla unmodded games or just modded? What is your FPS?

    I can recreate your problem easily and systematically on my PC by spawning peds and cars repeatedly until the game memory can no longer handle it and the textures disappear.

  • @TheLastSun

    This error occurs to me twice.

    The first is when I have too many property mods installed, my computer seems to constantly struggle to load everything.

    But when it happens to me the most (and how I have solved it) is by better adjusting the graphic options.


    Cette erreur m'arrive deux fois.

    La première est que lorsque j'ai trop de mods de propriété installés, mon ordinateur semble constamment avoir du mal à tout charger.

    Mais quand cela m'arrive le plus (et comment je l'ai résolu), c'est en ajustant mieux les options graphiques.

  • @Fabito48hd Mods, especially large ones, those with many polygons or high resolution textures, etc,. really stress your system. So either reduce the number of mods or reduce your visual settings or upgrade to more expensive hardware.

    I get around this issue by creating separate mod folders, but each share same dlc to avoid duplication. The big difference is the dlclist.xml.

    If only addons are in play, no modified x.rpf files, then you can basically create a batch file that toggles the names of folders. This exploits the fact that dlclist.xml will ignore something that's missing.

    So for example, you could have 20 racetracks in dlclist.xml but you rename all but one and only that racetrack will load (or it could be LC etc.). This way you eliminate all duplication, there is no copy paste or move of assets, all you do is let a batch file rename the addons so they either load or don't.

    Works perfectly.

  • @JohnFromGWN This is very interesting.

    I have solved my problem of texture loss simply by adjusting the graphic options, doing tests and tests, currently I have no problem with many mods installed.

    What does happen to me is that I am at a point where if I install some new YMAP or MLO, others stop loading.

    There is no bug, or loss of stability, it just seems like I have reached some prop limit in the game.

    In fact, the last one I've tried to install is the one from Ikon Project but all the objects don't load, if I remove my other maps mods, yes.

    That's why I came to that conclusion.

  • @Fabito48hd There are definitely limits to the number of props and assets loaded in one session. Allocating memory is one of the biggest challenges in game design and remember that R* does not design nor care for modding.

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