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ScriptHook V v1.0.2612.1 NOT WORKING

  • I just learn today that Scripthook V is not working if anyone seen this message do not Download this version till, next update comes. What is the latest update on GTAV today?

  • @xxsoundboardxx
    Damn, i just assumed it was my computer that was broken and i trashed it in a fit of rage. Didn't know about the updates. I guess it pays to read the forum posts. Ill check the used electronics store for a PC replacement.

  • I’m assuming they might contact them. It’s probably the update for their DLC junk and I need rampage to spawn cars. It’s just sad when they update this game, things messed it up.

  • @xxsoundboardxx What I normally do is open a support ticket with Rockstar. They have excellent support overall and especially for requests regarding modding. I've asked them to update SH5 or undo the patch so I can play today. I put the request as urgent so hopefully it will be fixed later today.

    I'll post an update when Rockstar replies.

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