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game crashed after 2 minutes

  • Hi
    Can someone help me..
    my game crashed after 2 minutes of playing i never found the issue..
    i have nve and quantv and alot of other mods. i removed all the dlc files to check but still crashed. i already have gameconfig, packfile limit adjuster, heapadjuster, etc that can help but none of it works
    i already remove x64a-x64v but nothing seems to work.. what could be the problem, can someone help??
    btw it crashed without any warning.. loading screen seems to work fine but the game doesn't.

    damn! im really tied play this bug game.... i share this adult links for happy life:

  • @mamacogi Hi, friend!

    I'm not an expert, but I can tell you what has fixed crashing problems for me when I've had them.

    First check the launcher and SHV logs and see if you get any line where you can see what causes the error.

    If you have already removed the lines from your dlclist file to override character or vehicle mods and are still having problems...

    Be radical and move all your files from your scripts folder to another folder (for example to a desktop folder) and you will know if your problem is some mod file that when executed takes you out of the game.

    If you still have problems, also move your files from the Mods folder, this will help you to locate if the error comes from a modified file.

    If any of this helps you and the game no longer crash, you should be more precise and install everything 1 by 1 if possible until you have the problem again.

    And what has helped me other times is to search for and try another Gameconfig, I can't explain why, but not all Gameconfigs work the same depending on what you have installed.

    I hope you solve your problem soon.

  • @mamacogi @Fabito48hd

    you didn't provide any information on what version of GTA5 you have.

    Removing dlc is not the solution because you also have lots of other mods installed, as per your post.

    First step, which is logical, is to play the game in vanilla mode. Go into the game's installation folder where you have the file GTA5.exe. Next find the file called dinput8.dll and rename it dinput8.bak. Now you can start your game and not a single mod will be loaded.

    If your game now can run for hours without crashing you know it's the mods, likely the visual ones, that are screwing up your system and you can follow the suggestions by @Fabito48hd .

    One more thing, if you used OIVS to install any mods, they likely replaced your gameconfig.xml with one that is probably outdated.

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