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exploding cars when i press [END]???

  • Whener i press the [END] button (next to delete and Page down), the first few cars in front of me will randomly explode. I've been informed it is some trainer, but I don't know which. Does anyone know what mods causes this as it's quite annoying when ending calls on lspdfr

  • @TheSwagLlama disable Keybindings in the ini file of your trainer

  • @TheSwagLlama It's nativetrainer I think

  • @cgz I don't have native trainer, the only one i have is menyoo. I've looked for a keybindings in the menyoo files but couldn't fine one

  • @TheSwagLlama I don't use menyoo I can't help you about the Keybindings, you shouldn't use this trainer when playing with a mod which conflicts with using the same key

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