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exploding cars when i press [END]???

  • Whener i press the [END] button (next to delete and Page down), the first few cars in front of me will randomly explode. I've been informed it is some trainer, but I don't know which. Does anyone know what mods causes this as it's quite annoying when ending calls on lspdfr

  • @TheSwagLlama disable Keybindings in the ini file of your trainer

  • @TheSwagLlama It's nativetrainer I think

  • @cgz I don't have native trainer, the only one i have is menyoo. I've looked for a keybindings in the menyoo files but couldn't fine one

  • @TheSwagLlama I don't use menyoo I can't help you about the Keybindings, you shouldn't use this trainer when playing with a mod which conflicts with using the same key

  • Has anyone found the cause to this yet? It’s happening to me too.

  • @BlakeGalaxy I'm sure someone's found out, it's been 7 years after all!

  • @-EcLiPsE-
    Actually no one has posted an explanation or solution because they are no longer around. You would think it's because the post is badly decayed after almost a full decade of neglect, but the real reason is much grimmer.

    The End key was the key down trigger for a mod, which shall remain nameless, but was removed exactly 7 years ago. The End key was chosen because it represented End of Life. Once installed, depressing End would cause multiple high CPU processes to run, overheating laptop batteries and resulting in explosions, both in game and in RL.

    Many of these batteries contained radioactive material so death wasn't immediate, allowing the postings in this thread before succumbing to their horrible injuries.

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