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Installing an OIV - a better, safer way.

  • I recently posted why OIVs suck big time, but rather than just bitch about them, here's a way to tame them -- and use them to your advantage.

    You can use freeware like 7-zip to easily make changes inside the OIV installer - either by changing the instructions, changing the files inside, or both.

    Video best viewed directly on Youtube, fullscreen, at highest resolution ofc.

    IMPORTANT: the files we removed are necessary for the mod, so make sure you install them yourself. The purpose of this video was to remove potentially old files that would replace your newer versions.

    Remember also, even though it was not the case in this video, that many OIVs will replace your gameconfig.xml and your dlclist.xml, so always check the OIV for those files and delete them from the OIV Content folder. Or do a MANUAL install instead of using the OIV.

    Also, backup your OIV in case you screwup - there is no undo.

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