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PRSA - Help

  • Hello everyone,

    I've been trying to use the PRSA mod for a bit now and trying to find a way to use it somehow. I followed all the steps according to the readme file inside the .RAR and still can't get it to work.
    On the shader window of the ENB all the FX's seem to have PRSA's stuff in it but I don't see the change on the game (the tutorial doesn't even show up even though the value is at 1). The ENB stock effects seem to work but none of the changes I make on the shader parameters seem to work.

    I've attempted removing and re-installing everything again step-by-step and still no results, can anyone help me please? Thank you.

    GTA V - Epic Games (downgraded to v1.0.2612.1)

  • Fixed!

    Had Post FX in the game's Graphic's menu on High instead of "Very High" or "Ultra" as mentioned in the ENB website.
    Changing it to "Ultra" solved the problem, thank you!

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