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HKH191's mods doesn't work with Liberty City V Remix

  • Like the title, i've installed Liverty City V Remix and expected to have more stuffs, but after i installed i realized that HKH191's mods like Business mods, Interior mods,...doesn't work. Any solutions for this?

  • @trannguyen69 Mods are generally designed for the vanilla version of the game so don't expect them to work flawlessly with other maps and in combination with all of the 100,000 other mods available.

    Similarly don't expect peds to walk or drive in custom maps as they do in the Vanilla Los Santos.

    Posting something doesn't work is pretty meaningless. Also, are we expected to clearly understand what you mean by "stuffs"?

    If you want help, contact the mod creator or post exactly what issues you have, the more specific the better, and if you're lucky someone here who has had the same issues will provide a fix or an explanation.

    P.S. there are half a dozen versions of LC and they have significant differences if you refer to the installation notes provided by the creators, so once more be specific when you ask for help.

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