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Change dial needle color?

  • Does anyone know is it possible to change dial needle colors for locked add-on cars please?

    For example in the 5th pic of this locked add-on car. Dial needles are yellow / orange but I want to change them to white or a color close to white.

    Btw. I searched and found these threads but not entirely sure if they are relevant to my question. Apologies if they are.

  • @gtavjamal If the car is using a vanilla speedometer needles, you need to change it in another file I think, but I don't know where it is located exactly :thinking:

    If the car is using custom speedometer, then the last link you mentioned is your answer. Use CodeWalker to export the car's .yft and _hi.yft to XML. and use Notepad++ to open the .xml files. Search for script_rt_dials_race and change the matDiffuseColor to the one you wish. a63nt-5m1th explained what does X , Y and Z do. If you can't find script_rt_dials_race or if it doesn't change the texture you wish, then you can change evert matDiffuseColor to a different and distinctive colors, for example red, blue, yellow, green ... Then check which color the needles became. Look for that color, note it's name, then revert back to the original .yft and _hi.yft files, export them again and change the particular matDiffuseColor code to the one you wish.

    Oh and, you need to right click and select Import XML to import the xml file into CodeWalker. Drag and drop doesn't work. Once you select the .xml file wait a bit until CodeWalker finishes the importing, it takes a bit while but not too much either. You will see a refresh effect or something like that once the Import completes.

  • @Aurora11 Thanks dawg! I appreciate the time and effort for the clarification and explanation.

  • To the best of my ability tried the excellent suggested advice. Unless im doin it wrong no luck.

    Using the Codewalker exported _hi.yft.xml file I checked all the matDiffuseColor lines. The RGB x, y, z number combos were all either blue or white. No yellow/ orange.

    It mentioned script_rt_dials_dukes. I found that file in only 2 locations
    x64e / levels / gta5 / vehicles.rpf / vehicles_worn_interior.ytd
    x64e / levels / gta5 / vehicles.rpf / vehicles_tornado_interior.ytd

    I Photoshopped the yellow / orange dial needles image to white.

    All way above my paygrade lol. If anyone knows what im doin wrong please advise thanks.

  • @gtavjamal Can you try checking the <parent> used for the common textures in it's vehicles.meta? It should be at the bottom of vehicles.meta .

    Backup that .ytd file first designated at <parent> section. Then try deleting every texture in it and then check in game. If the dials are black or glitchy, it means one of the textures inside that particular .ytd controlling the color of dial needles.

  • @Aurora11 Muchas gracias mi amigo ill try that. Thanks!!

  • @gtavjamal Pleasure :slight_smile: Hope this one works <3

  • Still no luck. Tried everything suggested to the best of my ability.

    All I can do is make the dial needles disappear, glow bright or be super dim so they look black but cant change the color

    Of all the car mods with dial needles the only one with white needles I have seen is the BTTFV Deloreans.

    Using Codewalker and Notepad++ I compared the dials section in the .xml files for number setting differences but the numbers match.

    I'm now wondering if it's actually possible to change the dial needles color to white without some special script?

    Any more help or suggestions appreciated thanks.

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