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Rockstar Editor Stuck On Loading Screen Fix

  • Re: Rockstar Editor stuck on loading screenbolded textINFINITE LOADING FIX
    Copy dinput8.dll and d3d9.dll from LocalDisk C <Windows < System32 and patse both in GTA V main Directory.
    Your Problem will be fixed

  • @ubaidbinnaveed


    The dinput8.dll you installed (it was packaged with SH5 and OpenIV, it's the same file either way) was specifically designed by Alexander Blade for modding.

    Replacing it with the Windows version could cause your game to crash or impact the loading of your mods.

    Either way this is poor advice although some users on Reddit claim it worked for them - likely because they had older pirated games or old PCs with DirectX issues.

    The Rockstar Editor Stuck on loading indicates hardware or software issues. It should be fixed "properly", not by replacing a file that works perfectly for the vast majority of modders.

    As for d3d9.dll, adding it could possibly conflict with other DirectX (newer files). In fact, if it does "fix" the problem, it points to issues with your DirectX that you should try to fix first. This is a dumb approach.

    If you did try it and crashed, simply reinstall SH5 and delete d3d9.dll.

    Although AB isn't here to comment, I'm sure there is an excellent reason why he packages his own asi loader (dinput8.dll) rather than use the Windows version in combination with an outdated DirectX 9 dll. GTA5 runs best with 10 or 11.

  • To be objective, i did test this solution and my game did not load, corrupt data error.

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