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Editing/Add own Textures to GTA V Cars - how?

  • Hello,

    I have a (maybe to you completly easy) question. I want to get into some texture work for some cars, but I actually ran into an issue and the internet isn't very helpful so far :D

    How can I edit/replace/add textures for standard GTA V cars (f.e. Baller or anything else), which doesn't have a texture added into the .ytd data or isn't a Police/EMS etc. vehicle (just a standard civilian car)? When I try to open f.e. the file for the baller2 in OpenIV I can only find this: https://gyazo.com/b47cdcf96533278c252213d6e788d930 - where, as you can see, are no body textures for the car to be seen.

    I want to make the textures available as Add-On (not replace, since I want to keep a civilian variant of the car aswell as the "special" variant), just to inform you.

    Thank you for your help in advance :)

  • is your question how to add a livery to a vehicle that doesn't have one? the vehicle will need to be UV mapped in order to accept a livery, its not simply a case of adding a texture and it will work.

  • @ItsJustCurtis what does "UV Mapped" mean?

  • @fuechschen If you don't know, you should Google a tutorial on 3d modeling and also texture mapping. In brief 3D models use x, y, z, as coordinates and similarly 2D sprites or surfaces have u and v for their 2 coordinates.

    Unless it means ultra violet?

    In 3D there is also UVW mapping.

    As @ItsJustCurtis wrote, what are you trying to do, a complete livery or decals?

  • @JohnFromGWN Okay, this actually makes sense - I wasn't aware that UVW Mapping was meant.

    I want to do custom things like the ones you can download for all the police vehicles (so would that mean decals? - It should be with the texture on it when I spawn it. English isn't my first language, so I am getting a bit confused since everything can have 3000 meanings :D) - but I want to do them for the standard GTA vehicles (Baller, Stanier etc. - the ones you can have as civilian, so no emergency vehicles).

    The actual issue I am facing is, that every one of those vehicles doesn't have a sign/decal/livery texture when I look in OpenIV. Every vehicle shows up as the screenshot linked in my initial post. So - if I have a texture done and I want to have it as a Add-On, where do I put it or how should I do that?

    I hope you can make a bit sense out of my post :)

    Thanks in advance

  • @fuechschen Use your favourite search engine and you'll find plenty tutorials whether for SP or online, process is similar.

  • @JohnFromGWN Yes, I saw those videos already. Actually, I only saw videos like these - which don't help, since they all show how to edit Textures when the Vehicle already has one attached to it in the ytd.

    But I want to create Textures for vehicles WITHOUT a attached Texture. F.e. Civilian cars (NO Busses, Emergency vehicles etc.).

  • Like I said in my initial message, you need the vehicles to be UV mapped in order to accept a livery/sign/decal/whatever. It needs to be imported into Zmodeler3 and the 3D model itself needs to be edited to even accept a texture before you can start looking at the rest. Once you've got it mapped, you need to decide if its going to be a tuning option, or a sign that is randomly selected when the vehicle is spawned. Depending one what you choose, there will be meta edits to set up the options for the game to select and apply said liveries. Once you've done all that, you can then start to concern yourself with the livery designs themselves.

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