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I've been thinking about SHV...

  • Many of us have learned to make backup copies of our game, and play even if the SHV needs an update.

    But surely there are also many (like me) who enjoy playing the latest with all the possible content of DLC and scripts that the great brains of this community create.

    But why do we depend so much on that file? What is the SHV? Why has no one managed to get something similar?

    The truth is that from my ignorance, it is something that causes me extreme curiosity.

    I read you

  • @Fabito48hd Excellent question and lots of misinformation surrounding this topic.

    SH5 is really at the core of modding for GTA5 and a few other games that use the engine called RAGE (Rockstar's game engine, A=Advanced).

    "Script Hook V is the library that allows to use GTA V script native functions in custom *.asi plugins. Note that it doesn't work in GTA Online, script hook closes GTA V when player goes in multiplayer, see details in the readme."

    It is maintained by one developer, Alexander Blade, who has not allowed it to go opensource. Whether it should be opensource or not is debatable. Keeping it proprietary allows the author to control it from a quality and even safety perspective but it also creates community dependency.

    Along with SH5, in the same package, is a file called dinput8.dll, or the ASI loader. Asi files/plugins allow the customization of GTA5 including addons. The same file is packaged with OpenIV.

    Some FAQs, other members please chime in this complex topic.

    1. Can I mod without SH5? Yes, there are other "plugins" including the Rage one and also LUA, but none are as complete as SH5.

    2. Can i run my trainer without SH5? Nope.

    3. Can i run script mods or my own scripts without SH5? Nope again.

    4. Will OpenIV still load my addons? Absolutely, but you will not be able to spawn them with scripts nor with your trainer - those will be disabled as they depend on SH5 (or another plugin).

    5. What about SH5DN (dot net), will it run? Nope, SH5DN depends on SH5 - so scripts won't run. This includes LemonUI menus for example.

    6. What are "native functions"? These are all functions from the game ranging from allowing the user to spawn a car/ped/prop/object, to changing weather, time, location, etc. In other words, basically every thing your Menyoo or Simple Trainer will allow you to do. None of this is possible without SH5 (and SH5DN).

    So for example, if you saved your game with a Ferrari addon (in a persistent way) it will be there with or without SH5 when you restart your game. The Asi Loader (dinput8.dll) will load your addons regardless of SH5.

    In summary, all you can do without SH5 (and without an alternative) is have your "automatically loaded" addons load at start. This would include RCA for example, which will be loaded by the Asi loader (and you will need OpenIV.asi).

    More about key modding files

  • @Fabito48hd said in I've been thinking about SHV...:

    But surely there are also many (like me) who enjoy playing the latest with all the possible content of DLC and scripts that the great brains of this community create.

    Keep in mind that 99% of the new content will be for GTAO. You can still adapt Peds and Vehicles to your old game or current reverted game if you wanted to.

    As for the wait time, it is generally a week or less before Mr. Blade updates SH5. Currently, as was posted a few times already, he is in the Ukraine and very likely more preoccupied about staying alive and avoiding bombs and gunfire.

  • @JohnFromGWN Dear friend, thank you very much for the explanation, I really like learning every day.

    I admit that since I learned to have my backups, I am not so concerned about SHV, to a certain extent of course.

    It is very striking to me that such a necessary file for our game with mods does not have replicas or, to put it another way, an alternative.

    Obviously I don't expect anything from Mr. Alexander nor do I demand anything of him, he'll have enough with what we all know.

    But I'm speaking strictly on a modding and computing level, and I'm concerned that despite all the mods offering the same thing from different developers, no one has released their own SHV.

    It is pure curiosity.

  • @Fabito48hd I think it's safe to assume that the level of complexity and the programming skills required to create something like SH5 is extremely high and thus a barrier for anyone trying to replace or reverse engineer SH5.

    Keep in mind that this game is old and SH5 was not funded, in other words very few competent programmers would spend an enormous amount of time, without pay, to try to provide a solution to an old game, when a working plugin already exists. (Alexander Blade probably worked with other programmers and he also worked on OpenIV).

    Also, it saddens me to say this, but the talented modders and scripters rarely share anything on the forums. One selfish scripter on Youtube even created a very basic and essentially useless scripting tutorial where he shamelessly proclaimed he wouldn't share his "trade secrets ".

    I myself had to learn the basics of scripting almost entirely by myself, the only resource willing to help being @Jitnaught. Without his help i probably would've given up modding completely.

    The other fantastic resource, for anything structural, is @a63nt-5m1th. He's got an encyclopedic knowledge of GTA5 and will go above and beyond to help others. He's helped me quite a few times to solve complex riddles.

    If you're interested, here is the original Script Hook V Topic on the other forum.

    And to get an idea of what the Native Functions that SH5 plays with, you can see what is called the Native Database.

    For example to spawn a ped, whether it is yourself through your own script or your trainer, the native would be accessible thanks to SH5 and look like this:

    Ped CREATE_PED(int pedType, Hash modelHash, float x, float y, float z, float heading, BOOL isNetwork, BOOL bScriptHostPed)

  • @JohnFromGWN Thanks for your time my friend, now I have a much clearer idea of what SHV is and what it means to work with it.

    I see that it is something very complex and of a lot of knowledge, it is very interesting.

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