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Moderator Reyser is crazy

  • is moderator reyser crazy? I just uploaded a mod and I checked that there are no duplicate mods, but my mod was rejected for the reason of duplicate mods, why? look

  • @ValveIDN said in Moderator Reyser is crazy:

    is moderator reyser crazy? I just uploaded a mod and I checked that there are no duplicate mods, but my mod was rejected for the reason of duplicate mods, why? look

    @Reyser @Global-Moderators @administrators look this!!

  • @ValveIDN Provide a link to the relevant mod so the moderators can easily find it.

  • @ValveIDN insulting him rather than waiting for an explanation is hardly going to help your cause.


    @ValveIDN Trying to lie about someone like me is like playing the russian roulette with the gun fully charged with deadly bullets:

    First upload: CompuLite Indonesian Version (partially unpublished by you and later fully rejected by me)
    First reupload: CompuLite Indonesian Version (rejected by me for being a duplicated mod upload as both the first upload and this one were pending in the approval mods list at the same time)
    Second reupload: CompuLite Indonesian Version (this is the one of the screenshot you've added in this topic) (rejected for the same reason of the #2 upload)
    Hovering your mouse on the linked text you guys will see are different mod uploads links.

    The descriptions content... :rolling_eyes: :point_down_tone1:

    CompuLite Indonesian Language Version
    You have to install the lspdfr mod first, then install the Compulite plugins
    LSPDFR : https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/g17media/7792-lspd-first-response/
    CompuLite by bejoijo : https://www.bejoijo.com/post/compulite

    @ValveIDN If you want to do ONE correct upload:
    1.- DO NOT upload the same content twice.
    2.- Make sure its content complies with the site rules: Upload Guidelines
    3.- If you have any problem contact a moderator through this site Forums (DMs or a topic) before doing anything else which could make the situation worse (as did happen...).
    4.- Be patient and wait for a reply!

    There are always ways to do things correctly. If you didn't choose them is not our fault.

    Maybe I'm crazy. Still I'd prefer to be a crazy person like me.


    I've just seen that you're not replying here but you did reply (if can be called like that...) 5 hours ago with the following message reposted on my 3 publicly available mod uploads:

    "@Reyser please send a duplicate link about my mod which you think is a reupload? even i haven't uploaded any mod about this!!!"

    The following screenshot shows the User Logs. Those are in the bottom of my profile page (Only visible for the site staff members). On it you can see I did delete them on each one of my uploads as you shouldn't use the comments section of mod uploads for that, specially when you did create a Forums topic about it earlier (THIS ONE!).


    Now, having shown (once again) that you like to repost things and not reply when and where necessary to solve the problem I wonder if I should close this topic too. Seen what I have seen, I do not expect anything good from you unless you change your position and are willing to cooperate instead of trying to drag this out even more (if possible...).

    Will give you 24h max to reply here and I hope that if you answer, it will be for the best.
    I'm not going to spend any more of my valuable time here with this absurd situation so is your last chance.

    Have a good day.


    24 hours passed and still no reply. Topic closed.

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