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[VEHICLE][WIP] Volkswagen Type1 "Beetle" (1938–2003)

  • Volkswagen Type1 is a two-door, rear-engine economy car that was manufactured by German automaker Volkswagen from 1938 until 2003 (over 21,5 million)...
    I know we already have "BF Weevil" as well as a lot of mods for the Beetle, but I want to contribute too :)
    I will try to be different

  • There is no doubt that I will include "Herbie" livery, but the real challenge is "Vochol"...

    I know it is not perfect. Nothing is.

  • Hello again, looking good.
    Don't forget to rescale the rim's thickness, as forza's rims are exported flat. (scale the rim to 300-400% then move the outer verts of one side back close to the other for the correct rim's depth).

  • Oh that's a classic 🥰

  • "vehicle_track2" material has bug exporting from ZModeler, (animation only works on one side of the car). Finally, C.Stewart Gaming has a solution that works :)

    The engine is "Weevil" modified with some "Ghia" parts from FH and few of my creations. All optimized with LODs, with (thanks to C.Stewart Gaming) working animation.

  • bottom1

    Some people may think that the bottom of the car is not so important, because it is mostly not visible while driving.
    But sooner or later the vehicle will overturn and then it is not irrelevant what you see...



  • I decided to add a sunroof that appeared in the mid-sixties (until then a canvas roof was used).

    I also created an animation that starts by pressing and holding the "H" key

  • @NajPotez Looking good and commendable for the research and authenticity, particularly given the crap that is loaded daily.

  • Testing, I noticed that the roof animation (if open) turned off the collision of the rear windshield. Therefore, it is not breakable if the sunroof is open. To avoid this I renamed "windscreen_r" to "misc_c". In this way, the sunroof does not affect the fragility of the rear windscreen. I believe this should not cause any other bug.

  • Teaser:

  • 5 LODs:

  • Released 18.VI.2022.

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