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Are mods going to hell?

  • After years of amazing mods like Menyoo, RCA, peds like Alex's Lara Croft, and wonderful ports of maps like Liberty City, are the glory days behind us, gone for good?

    All I see today as uploads are inexperienced or incompetent creators forcing their suckage on the community.

    Aside from all the unimaginative tshirts and hairstyles for the horrid MP peds, which should have their own category titled Crap, we now have a slew of poorly textured peds without facial animations which at best look like cheap mannequins from a discount store going out of business.

    Mods that would not even qualify as pre-alpha are uploaded daily and invariably get a 5 rating from the creator's buddies or someone equally lacking even a modicum of good taste. Let's not even talk about the ped with the purple wings rated a 5 recently uploaded, ooops, i just did.

    That was my rant for the day, thanks for reading, i feel much better with that out of the way.

  • hahaha the truth is that it is something to think about

    I would say that GTA V is currently my favorite video game even though I haven't been playing it for long, but I come from the Skyrim saga which, as you know, is another game with many mods that has ended up being used to satisfy people's darkest perversions

    What kind of mods would you like to see new here @JohnFromGWN ?

  • @Fabito48hd Nothing in particular. I'm just tired of seeing garbage uploaded - poor quality peds, ymaps of existing buildings with a few props added, and so sick of seeing clothing for the MPs - the ugliest peds of any game.

    New creators take an existing tshirt, spend 1 minute in MS Paint to add a logo, and upload it as a work of art. Wonderful.

    There are plenty of high quality vehicles to download, and likely more to come as they are converted from other games like Forza.

    I don't see any new maps unless they are converted from the Trilogy, and if they were this site would not allow them for copyright issues but other sites would.

    I would love to see high quality peds - other than DC or Marvel universe - just casual peds, but good looking, properly rigged and textured, facial animations, and options for clothing.

    And I can't stand anime and manga characters although I understand they are popular with the very young but also with perverts.

  • @JohnFromGWN It must be recognized that there are very murky things in this world, I am also surprised by the anime characters (not to mention the horrible nudity), or those people who are asking for children's skins (hello? We are in the GTA saga, which is that your fucking problem?)

    I would like some fresh mod that adds basic necessities, but the ones that exist currently I can't make them work as I would like.

    I also think that the fact that there are payment platforms for mods, causes any talented person to decide to sell their work before sharing it. And I don't see it badly, I think it's great, but that may leave platforms like ours empty of good content.

  • @Fabito48hd personally im totally against paying for mods because it violates the principles of community and the concept of the free internet.

    What would come next? Pay a forum member to help solve an installation problem or help with a scripting question? The members who help here give their time freely and willingly, and their time is just as valuable as those who ask for money in return for converting or creating mods.


    imagine wading though that crap on a daily basis to see if there's anything not depressing to approve and publish

  • @JohnFromGWN

    is really sad. Every day I go into the script section to see if there is anything new or cool, but I always leave disappointed.

  • I went to the Scripts section so much, that my browser saved it as a bookmark lol

    For me, mods are a mixed bag. You got those really creative mods (which is rare nowadays) Aaand you got those meh mods (which is abundant on here)

    Mods I like are the lore-friendly ones, like that new dart pistol mod, prolly my new favorite weapon mod rn.

  • This post is deleted!

  • We're pretty much done here. Most mods that are at least good are restricted to patreon beggars or fivem exclusive bullshit. No actual map mods in a long while. And most car mods are so called "lore friendly" vehicles, which are just an excuse to make shitty vehicle mods with no effort put into the interior at all.

  • The problem here is two-fold:

    1. Demand, and
    2. Openness of knowledge.

    If there aren't many people around to show how to do specific tasks, answer questions, and create tools to make the modding experience better, we don't get any growth. Unfortunately, that means some people have to try to help out, HOWEVER, it results in a much healthier ecosystem.

    When you think about it, this is what made the San Andreas Modding community such a success. It was at the forefront of innovation LOOONG after it's release, and because of it, a lot of players still played it long after it came out. Meaning the demand was there, and with the demand came more players willing to lean in and make the game better.

    I'm not saying it can't be done now, but we gotta help eachother!

  • @JohnFromGWN I understand what you are saying, in fact I also think that it is one of the reasons why we are like this.

    But I also can't blame people for wanting to make a living.

    These are different times, and as another colleague up here says, before we were communities, now we are not.

  • @Wetter42 It is true, even in the forum itself there is not a solid base of communication and understanding.

    It's all complaints, strange trolls that come with demands, and at the mod level, the good ones that come out always have the tagline "the complete mod on my patreon".

  • My opinion. No. :smile:

  • @HvyMetal55 so you don't believe in the highway to hell? Your forum name would indicate otherwise.

  • @Fabito48hd If they want to make a living, they can go out and get an actual goddamn job. It used to be where people made mods as a hobby in their free time, and while the mods took a while longer to make, at least they came out eventually and the quality spoke for itself. Now you have these new gen morons coming in with the expectation of getting paid because bullshit like patreon is constantly being forced and peddled. These aren't different times, these are shitty times and it's the dark age of the internet as a whole, not just gaming.

  • @Brukanator

    I understand you and I agree with you, but if you were a talented modder, you would surely prefer to be paid 20 dollars for your time.

    And I don't say it, it was given by the times we live in.

    I am aware that this harms the community, but I also understand that if you have talent you prefer to earn money.

    I like it? Do not! But I understand you.

  • My take. Mods should be free. Simple.
    First and foremost a hobby / passion modders do for themselves.
    Not for ego driven pats on the back. Not chump change considering the time and effort involved.
    Once money creeps all gets tainted. Example. For every $20 an individual modder takes the community as a whole loses out tenfold. End result is the current mod situation.
    Ftr. Far superior ways to make that legit money than selling Patreon mods lol.

  • @Fabito48hd If I was a talented modder, I wouldn't be relying on modding as a main source of income. I'd do it in my free time as people have done for the past however many years, which have led to many quality mods for various games, up until now. There was something in the past called donating to your favorite modders, but I guess that's a bygone relic now replaced by cancers like patreon.

  • The concept of a community, particularly on the internet, is to help each other - freely.

    Going to emphasize the word freely as in free.

    Fully agree that modding is a hobby.

    What we can't lose track of is that the modders who charge money for their mods are justifying it by saying you are paying for their time and expertise.

    Well that logic/justification holds true when someone like @a63nt-5m1th spends hours of his expert time to help someone fix their issues - and he does it for free and often he doesn't even get a thank you.

    So all that to say, if people want to sell their mods, let them go on etsy or ebay but stay away from user communities.


    @Brukanator A-f*cking-men

    Now visit my Patreon 💰

  • @Brukanator Yes, you're right and I think the same as you.

    I have never paid for a mod, and it annoys me to see cool things that are not cheap at all, like interiors or vehicles, but I understand that if others buy it, the market grows and communities like ours are left empty.

    I think what I'm saying is clear, I don't support it but I understand it, even if it pisses me off.

    This should form communities as it has always been and each one contribute what they know, but this is the greed of human beings.

  • I can't stop thinking of Alexander Blade's recent post, in the midst of a horrible invasion, still dedicated to updating SH5, and not asking for monetary relief for himself, family, or country. The only thing he asked for is someone to help upload files because his internet was disrupted.

    I don't know Alexander Blade, i can see however on his blog and the SH5 page, that if there are any requests for donations they are not obvious.

    Most importantly he has never held the community hostage by asking for payment, nor has he exploited the horrible circumstances he is facing presently to ask for financial assistance.

    It would be so easy for him to walk away from this without any guilt, yet he gave the community an update not long after the R* patch.

    That's being community minded.

  • In the end we have a nice talk :)

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Are mods going to hell?:

    @HvyMetal55 so you don't believe in the highway to hell? Your forum name would indicate otherwise.
    Opinions vary.

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