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Are mods going to hell?

  • @JohnFromGWN said in Are mods going to hell?:

    I can't stop thinking of Alexander Blade's recent post, in the midst of a horrible invasion, still dedicated to updating SH5, and not asking for monetary relief for himself, family, or country. The only thing he asked for is someone to help upload files because his internet was disrupted.
    I don't know Alexander Blade, i can see however on his blog and the SH5 page, that if there are any requests for donations they are not obvious.
    Most importantly he has never held the community hostage by asking for payment, nor has he exploited the horrible circumstances he is facing presently to ask for financial assistance.
    It would be so easy for him to walk away from this without any guilt, yet he gave the community an update not long after the R* patch.
    That's being community minded.

    Well in a way I also feel for the newbies too. I believe and hope at least some of them are just doing what they can to give us what they can offer, especially the ones are not charging anything for it. Yes, many are very very low quality but from my understanding it is not exactly easy to create them either and unfortunately not everyone have the resources nor access to proper tutorials scattered mostly at the darkest corners, furthest pages of Google and YouTube...

    alt text

    Some in past were indeed making high quality mods, but then lying about how the assets they use belong to Square Enix and the mods are never meant to be paid but just as an early access alpha, beta, gamma, teta release, yet they never receive a proper update after the long awaited months of public release (if they receieve any update at all...) ..

    I'm not against someone for opening a patreon or PayPal page for donations, in past I was amazed by some mods and donated what I can afford despite the utmost shittiest currency rates in here. Back in the time however modding was a passion, people's motivations and ambitions wasn't driven by money. That is why tons of absolutely free mods even with the ones having Forever Free logo are still a million times better than Bethesda's Creation Club mods, not to mention their a lot better and wide range compatibility with other mods .. It's kinda interesting to see though despite the Creation Club, a game that was never meant to be modded or supported for modding fell into a paywall catastrophe... Maybe, maybe this is exactly why it fell into this at the first place...

    Alexander Blade is an amazing person for the modding community. He can indeed brick and lockout nearly every mods from us. If he ever would have stopped updating the SHV, I can bet you Rockstar would do everything they can to force update everyone's games and make the old versions unplayable...

    I am just hoping among all these, there will be still a light for freedom and a true passion as well, but, BUT also a user community who appreciates the content they have been given to rather than flaming to modders in comments for utmost shitty reasons. This isn't against you, I also agree there should be some quality for the mods as well, because to be honest no one would even look at peds or cars that have lower quality than the vanilla ones. My point is against insultive and unnecessary toxic comments I have seen in nexus and 5mods... Speaking about, I wish I had the same wise minded 3-5 years ago as well ..

  • @Aurora11 I understand where you're coming from and it's extremely rare that i comment negatively on a mod because im aware the creator might be 10 years old. To the best of my knowledge i have never rated a mod, either good or bad.

    Free or not, a bad mod is a bad mod and some of the recent uploads are pure garbage. Let the noob creators practice and improve before uploading crap, particularly aimed at a AAA game like GTA5.

    Compare and contrast Alex's Lara Croft, regardless of whether it was ripped off TombRaider or a beautiful LaFerrari mod ripped off from Forza or, as an extreme example, LC ripped off GTAIV with the utter trash passing as a Menyoo map being loaded daily. I have no issues with modders using game assets to produce high quality mods.

    If this site had developers, we could ask for categories for clothes and hairstyles and other stuff that i would personally avoid like the plague or covid or monkey pox. Instead they dilute all the best content.

    Had i come to this site and registered in 2022 and seen the shit posing as mods today, i would have left immediately and wouldn't know the difference between OpenIV and SH5 and wouldn't care. I would have just walked away.

    One last thing, i have the skills to put a picture of my cat on a white tshirt for Michael. It would take me less than a minute to create and upload but I would never thrust that kind of suckage on any community.

  • DTAR, UEFA, Modifiver, WoV, NVE, RDE4.0, Rags&Riches are just a couple of projects either on the way or already here still being worked on and improved.

    As far as tools go, things are looking better than ever before.

    I am expecting great things for GTA modding in 2022/2023.

    Regarding my own project Modifiver, the simple truth is that quality takes time. I have a son now and have less time to research/experiment/implement than before. Another thing is that sometimes you can work on and off on a feature for months, even years, and then suddenly realize that you have been doing it wrong since the beginning. For instance, i had a prototype of a new melee system, based on a "1 button for each arm and one button for legs" since 2019, but it always felt lacking compared to my vision. Then this month I was examining some RDR2 files when I suddenly realized that a couple of barely used lines of data, could be ported to V and enable a proper timer based "stick direction+button/buttons= specific move" melee system. Removing everything thats automatic and instead finally giving the player FULL control. Or another example where I just recently learned which Tag and Property in a ycd that allows me to force a "create prop on activation" on a single .clip. This means I can now have dynamic custom scenarios where a ped with no prop is going to destination xyz and then enters a custom playanims scenario while spawning a prop ( like for instance a gangbanger spraying a tag on a wall with a spraycan).

    My point is that the ways we can manipulate this game are anything but static, and therefore the feature that looked dope last month, might not be that dope this month. I am not the only one who have already put way too many hours into this to release anything that we have seen before. This far into the "game" it needs to be unprecedented. So that is what we are working towards creating.

    Peace and take care


    @JohnFromGWN said in Are mods going to hell?:

    If this site had developers


  • @ReNNie My comment was not directed towards the admins, it was really a statement of fact that the site owners, i guess the same ones who own nexus, will not or can not invest in any site enhancements nor repairs for that matter. Web developers not moderators.

    We're all aware of the glitches like logging in and seeing someone else's account name appear instead of ours, the missing avatars except for new members, and of course the lack of a search engine for the forums.

    Improvements and enhancements such as subcategories, not just tags, in the mods section would allow the site to isolate items such as clothing as an example.

    The MP female could conceivably have her own category under Ugly Bitch complete with 10,000 hairstyles, piercings, tattoos, sandals, steroids, shaving cream, and vaginal hygiene props.

    Or was your hurt emoji facsimile echoing my own sentiments?

  • @grateful_for_mods Good to hear because there is definitely an audience for those mods.

    Myself, i don't and will never use any scripts, other than the trainers I've written myself, and i would only consider a "visual enhancement" mod if my computer and monitor were manufactured by IBM in 1981. I completely concede however the demand for ENBs and zombie or police scripts.

    The impetus for my posting was not because of the lack of excellent mods. On the contrary, if you sift through the garbage and filter properly you will find many beautiful peds, vehicles, MLOs, and full maps such as RDD.

    The reason for my post, my disillusionment with the current state of modding, is from the total lack of quality we invariably see with newly uploaded ped related mods. Im talking poor rigging, horrible textures, lack of facial animations, and hundreds if not thousands of useless hairstyles and accessories for the MP female, arguably the most masculine woman in the gaming universe.

    Today, any noob can download a pirated version of 3dsmax, skip the training and learning curve, and create a horrible new mod most likely of manga or anime origins which is neither lore friendly nor realistic nor even amusing, just plain garbage, and still get all 5 ratings, even with only a handful of downloads from similarly minded individuals.

  • There are some top tier recent mods like this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/dart-pistol-add-on-fivem-hud-icon

    It's literally the Sieker 2 from HITMAN:tm: in GTA lol

    I agree with @JohnFromGWN though, most if not all visual enhancement mods are a joke. Or the fact there are over 9000 mods alone for mpmale/mpfemale. But then again i'm a bit of a anomaly, I only play GTA V to fuck around with my three station wagons or to race around on tracks like the Nurburgring.

  • @Rstein I'm one of the .1% of people who play this game with a steering wheel in first person with realistic vehicle handling and car mods. I'm just waiting on a new realistic map to drive in, and I don't give a shit about gta 6 at this point.

  • @Brukanator the latest fad, other than the non lore, none realistic, just plain crap peds from obscure games, is poorly done and totally useless animations.

    Can anyone stop this suckage before it becomes the next pandemic? Covid V, The Demise of Los Santos,

  • I don't understand anymore in player section, but i'll try not to put too much garbage on it :v:

  • @schmed I wasn't referring to your mods

  • @JohnFromGWN i know, i'm just tired watching the player section mods :handshake:
    That's why i uploaded someone who has been through hell, maybe :laughing:

  • @Brukanator I lost interest in GTA Next ages ago, GTA V with Goldberg's RGSC emulator and the few cars I have added is good enough.

  • @Rstein can someone please explain to me why use a Steam emulator to do what Steam already does?

    Im not a fan of Steam but it does not impact my modded game. I don't allow GTA5.EXE to go online and I allow updates and then revert only GTA5.exe. This allows me to have all the new DLC if I want it, even though i prefer mod cars and peds. Super easy, again if desired, to take any new DLC assets and add them to the game.

  • @JohnFromGWN lolwut where did I mention Steam, I have the Rockstar Games Store version of GTA V.

    https://cs.rin.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=105319 this is the emulator in question.

  • @Rstein Oh. I thought it was specific to Steam.

  • That's an interesting rant topic. There're many factors for quality mods. You can't just expect there are always quality mods to use. Also, I think it's nothing wrong with inexperienced modders. People put their time to modify their games and share the content, if you don't like it it's fine, but I think it's a weird attitude to rant about other people personal works that are not up to standard. Maybe you can try to make the quality one for you ;). The quality ones definitely take someone, or group a lot of their time, and who is gonna do this. Also, the experienced modders are used to be inexperience modders

    I personally think positive about new generation of gta5 modders in the future, and encourage them to make more, and improve

  • @phmngocnghia said in Are mods going to hell?:

    I think it's a weird attitude to rant about other people personal works

    Would an employer tolerate garbage quality from you? No, you would be fired.

    Would you pay money for garbage quality? Whether services, work done on your car, work done at your home, a computer that breaks every 10 minutes, an expensive meal that tastes like shit, etc. No unless you're a sucker.

    You should reflect on what you wrote and realize you're the one with a weird attitude, tolerating the uploads of garbage, justified by the fact that it's free and/or it's the effort that counts.

    Im assuming you're very young and subscribe to the philosophy that everyone deserves the same rewards and praise, just for having participated. I don't.

    As for your personal comments towards me, i don't upload mods because i lack the talent. However i know how to put a logo on an existing tshirt in Photoshop. In fact, i could upload a new logo tshirt daily and further pollute this site.

    Finally, I try my best to contribute here through a few threads regarding how to install, prevent, and fix mod related issues. What have you done or plan to do for the community?

  • One good thing about the new mod situation is that much of this new crap isn't being downloaded. Users are looking but not buying, sort of speak. Not to mention, many of the downloads are likely fake ones by the creator to artificially boost totals.

    Even those mods that were uploaded weeks ago have few downloads and ridiculously low likes.

    There will always, unfortunately, be a significant audience for the MP female mods which will sadly encourage Rockstar to bring her back as a major player in GTA 6 or give her an expansion or even her own franchise.

    GTA 5, Tales of the Los Santos Freemode Beauty, now packaged as the ultimate GTA5 bundle on Epic Games Store for $45.99.

    So one bright spot is that these garbage ped mods and scripts will drift into obscurity, with or without filtering, and those talentless creators will get the message to stop.

    Recently the forums were attacked, not by denial of service, but by some idiot repeatedly posting very graphic photoshpped porn while the admins were away. Curiously the porn was of significantly better quality than most of the new retexture mod releases.

    Let's hope quality will prevail over quantity and newbies can practice on their own or upload on one of the GTA sites operated by the oligarchs.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    I am using rabbits in a box, playing human anims, with ptfx triggers to create fireworks ...literally.

    MHC/R&R fireworks test in action pre-boxes.

    alt text

    Here are the poor critters, again, literally, sparking all the magic.

    alt text

    Conclusion : GTA V modding is alive and well
    (unlike the "rabbit launchers, who would probably object quite a bit to that statement).

  • @grateful_for_mods said in Are mods going to hell?:

    GTA V modding is alive and well

    Good for you, but not everyone mods GTA5 for rabbits in a box. Some want to keep it lore friendly, others want to keep it realistic as possible, and others would like to see Los Santos populated by naked Japanese schoolgirls.

    Personally i don't want children in my games, nor anime, nor manga. My preference is realism, so RCA, and the great ped models you can still find by filtering by download count. And most importantly the amazing vehicles to addon or replace the vanilla ones.

    My original post didn't touch on scripts, don't use any, don't care about them. I have Menyoo, LemonUI, and VS 2019.

    My rant is about the total shit, poorly textured, poorly rigged, poorly animated, garbage peds that are updated daily. If they were of even mediocre quality, regardless of lore friendliness or realism, i would STFU. But these models not only suck in quality but they have absolutely nothing to do with GTA5.

    If i wanted a racing Sim like forza, i sure as hell wouldn't mod HL2, so why create these terrible 3d models and assume the greater community thirsts for them.

    At least the diseased crap that poses as improved components for the MP female is related to the game.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    I don't think I made my point clear enough. I am also all about the lore and prefer a grounded approach to most things.

    The point I was trying to make was that many people are still trying to PUSH the limitations of the game. In my case the method described above turned out to be the overall best way to spawn time of day/weather dependent/probability based fireworks above the Mile High Club building, and of course the rabbits will not be visible in the final build.

    Other people are PUSHING V as far as animations, audio editing, file support.and much much more.
    As far as all the stuff you said about poor quality mod, I guess I just accept that there are various subsets of userbases. Some people just want take pictures of anime peds and other people want to treat GTA like a car sim and so on and so on and...

    Personally my taste is very different, and yes, I would sometimes prefer not having to scroll through a ton of stuff that don't interests me at all.
    Hiwever I think there is room for it all, regardless of quality. A quick and sloppily put together mod to us, might mean the world to an anime fanatic wanting to take the perfect picture.

  • @grateful_for_mods said in Are mods going to hell?:

    A quick and sloppily put together mod to us, might mean the world to an anime fanatic wanting to take the perfect picture.

    You're absolutely right. I'll try to clarify my own views now. Contrary to many veterans here, I only picked up the game, at the suggestion of an industry insider, about 1 year ago, and I still haven't played it. I was planning on using this open world with its vanilla assets for an interesting project that got sidetracked at the height of the pandemic and eventually died.

    At first, I had zero interest in modding other than writing some simple scripts and making some texture changes to existing props. So I ended up here to seek advice only, but out of curiosity I also started looking at the mods section.

    Being a Ferrari and car and motorcycle enthusiast, I was amazed at the quality/realism and quantity of the available models. Better still, every day I looked forward to downloading and installing a new car, Ferrari, Lambo, MB, McLaren, or HD softail.

    Soon my appetite for expansion of this open world grew beyond cars, and I started snapping up some wonderfully crafted peds, beautiful MLOs, and even full worlds like RDD, LC, French Riviera, SF, LV, Cayo Perico, Chicago, and others and ofc 25 or more racetracks.

    Everyday, something to look forward to, download, install, add to my LemonUI menus, and experiment or just play with.

    Well, like the song, the thrill is gone. The skilled modders have moved on to bigger and better things, leaving a great legacy of mods buried behind filters, and have been replaced by noob modders who just play around with pirated 3D modeling software and upload poorly crafted junk.

    We also have the MP community who is never content with just 200,000 hairstyles, tshirts, and new shoes.

    Finally, we have the Patreon modders who give you a sample of their work to entice you to pay for their better mods.

    So, in conclusion, the anticipation of viewing the mods section and the joy of adding a new mod to the collection is gone. The current state is my own personal opinion and view of mods going to hell.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    Other than Marvel or DC characters

    THIS! SO MUCH THIS. I'm tired of the endless slew of Spidermans, Iron Man and Batmans. So many patreons are all the same too. Offering the SAME comic book characters. I was looking through some and all of them have Dr Strange as the newest thing. Its awful. I want more fighting game characters and characters that fit the enviroment and setting.

    What I don't like is that people request the same things too. "Can you do MCU Spiderman" Bro use the search function there is like 10 of them. I am in a discord for mods and someone has requested Spiderman and Moon Knight. I am sick of this. I wish they would put a ban on these characters.

  • @9BallAC said in Are mods going to hell?:

    characters that fit the enviroment and setting.

    Fully agree. If I want to have Gordon Freeman in game I'll play HL2. However I'm perfectly happy having a casual Lara Croft, Ronin, or Ada Wong as characters because they do fit in well.

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