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Are mods going to hell?

  • @JohnFromGWN EXACTLY. Its a shame Alex189 retired.

  • @9BallAC without knowing his history, i think this is a guy who sharpened his skills and ended up getting a paying job in industry somewhere.

    Not only did he give us great looking models, but also lots of component variations and updates. Even the pictures of his mods were professional. And he never uploaded poorly done crap as a excuse he was still learning or testing.

  • Ok, I'm really sorry that it's coming to this, if the uploading of crap animations and crap peds doesn't stop immediately, Michael will shoot this lovable pup.

    Don't blame me. It's Michael and he's out of control.

    So stop the suckage or he kills the dog.

    alt text

  • alt text

    The older mods - all pics attributed to @alex189

    For better quality pic, click here.

  • @JohnFromGWN Just in case you want to add a legend/fairytale/folklore image for the banner.
    Here you go :wink:
    alt text

  • @schmed I know. It was an incredibly hard decision, between the one you posted and the one I finally chose.

    One great thing about this mod is that you can get FPS of over 500 with it. Has been optimized with less than 12 polygons!

  • For me I will download a clothing mod or an add-on ped and its so bad it does not even fit the ped right. Even adjusting the torso doesn't fix some of them. I have downloaded clothing mods for story mode people like Mike and frank and some of the clothing mods show up half on the person. It's ridiculous and yet I seem to be the only person who would not give it 5 stars. I found a car I loved the look of and thought it would be perfect to use in a video, a really cool old-school muscle car. It had a perfect 5-star rating across the board yet when I downloaded it my peds all had their heads sticking out of the top of the car not a lot but very noticeable it was worse when you would reverse and half their head would appear. Not a single person mentioned it in reviews. I read some reviews on other mods of his where others mention his peds did not fit in cars and stuff right.

  • @truffleshuffle That's exactly the reason I object to all the fake/misleading/duplicitous screenshots used by modders who want you to think that the ped in their screenshots is the MP Female when it's not.

    Maybe the ped they actually show in the screenshot is available for $$ on their patreon site.

    The rationale/justification for having the REAL MP Female in the pic is to see how the REAL MP Female wears the clothes, to see how they fit on her, not on a different gorgeous looking ped, photoshopped or just a completely different model.

    It's like saying here is a picture of a jacket for Franklin, but were putting it on this supermodel.

    You will have to download the mod to see how it fits on Frankin, assuming it does fit.

  • So there is an interesting new development in the player sections now.

    Hopefully it won't become a trend but still I think, in my opinion only, why the eff bother?

    Component variations, in Menyoo xml, were uploaded as a mod. Or if you prefer, a saved outfit. No custom textures, no 3d models, just some settings.

    It might be understandable if it was a collection of 50 amazing outfits, but no, this is simply 1 xml outfit for the male and 1 xml outfit for the female.

    And I use the word outfit because it is Menyoo terminology, in reality it is just the menu settings to change an outfit.

    Why upload this as a player mod when you can just post the settings on these forums?

    What's next, uploading scripts with one function to load the MP female or some other mod? I have hundreds of lines of code as potential scripts and hundreds of Menyoo settings for outfits.

    Disclaimer: following is NOT a real script destined as an upload, just used sarcastically to make a point.

    public void SpawnCyberBlack()
     Ped Sam = World.CreatePed("vb", Game.Player.Character.Position + Game.Player.Character.ForwardVector * 3.0f, Game.Player.Character.Heading + 90);          

  • @JohnFromGWN Wait what?? Personal preference aesthetic / cosmetic settings are accepted as upload worthy mods?? Ay carajo.

  • @gtavjamal yes, just a file with Menyoo settings was uploaded.

    But you know what, at least the owner is honest. Unlike many creators he didn't use photoshopped or Patreon only models to mislead new users who think downloading a mod means it will look like the picture.

    As a consumer imagine buying a laptop online and receiving a completely different model. Seller explains this by saying it was for illustrative purposes only.

    More relevant, can you imagine if @alex189's models of Lara Croft, Ada Wong, Tifa Lockhart, Mai, Momiji, etc were actually based on the MP Female?

    Instead of those beautiful models you would get a cheap fake MP Female version, but he was honest and you got what you saw.

    The good news is that there are hundreds of excellent vehicles and peds for download. The bad news, at least for the ped mods, is that the mods section of the forum is now increasingly populated with basically anything goes.

  • tbf, some of his other mods are really cool

  • @JustDancePC I understand, but couldn't you just put the settings in the description.

    What he did was not the problem, he acted honestly and with the best intentions, the question is can this now become a trend or should guidelines be implemented to stop settings from being uploaded.

    Sure you can argue these are mods.

    I have thousands of lines of code that change the component variations for hundreds of models, but I would never save them as xml versions and upload each one as a mod.

  • Just to clarify my opinions in this thread, this discussion, although sometimes moving tangentially, started as a commentary on how the quality of mods has gone to hell. The latter, for non native speakers being a figure of speech.

    It should never be about individuals who do their best but don't have the skills yet and may never have.

    I don't have the modelling or programming skills necessary to create mods and I accept that, which is why I don't upload.

    I do think, however, that as community members we can voice opinions on what subjectively we consider quality vs crap.

    I do object however to modders who use pictures of their creations without using the original mods. How can that be considered an honest practice.

    In another thread, a user mistook a menyoo version of Las ventures with the dlc conversion. The creator wasn't being dishonest but the user was still fooled.

    Same happens with new users. Wow, if I download that outfit my model will look exactly like the picture.

    Nope, it won't.

    Bottomline, the same users who don't understand why you can't install GTA5 on a drive with no space left, will not understand why what they downloaded has no resemblance to the pics.

    Back on point, do settings translate into acceptable mods? Or should guidelines prevent that?

  • @JohnFromGWN His upload might only be the menyoo settings, but just having that won't accomplish the same result, as there is a list of other required mods in the description. Also, it's not like the characters are ugly, those outfits are nice.

    If it does become a trend, I really don't mind as long as they're well done, we all know not everyone has a good sense of fashion, so some people might be looking forward to download some cool component variations.

    And honestly I think I'd rather have people uploading outfits than some schizo uploading ugly ass add-on peds like SCP 666 or whatever it's called

  • @JustDancePC fair enough

  • @JustDancePC said in Are mods going to hell?:

    And honestly I think I'd rather have people uploading outfits than some schizo uploading ugly ass add-on peds like SCP 666 or whatever it's called

    Who dat?

  • @JustDancePC yep.

    What's interesting, and I'm not singling this guy out, is his response to another user who gave constructive criticism.

    His reply "The characters are not made by me so that they are of that bad quality".

    In other words, don't blame me for uploading a poor quality model when the original itself was bad.

    Hard to understand that philosophy. Anyway what bothers me more are the animations where the fingers are absurdly long or the positions themselves are anatomically impossible.

    The best one is the woman in the red bathing suit who is lifting her left arm, her arm is so long it can probably reach the moon. This is a great pose for a movie where the female lead needs to grab a cat stranded 150 feet up in a giant redwood tree, no need for a ladder.

    alt text

  • @JustDancePC
    The ped this guy creates are so hideously ugly, that I even thought of putting all these peds together and creating a script where he would add a new mode where at nightfall these peds would start appearing in the middle of the street, near the player, and making unbearable sounds, would start chasing him with the intention of disturbing the player, and if they got close enough, would transform the player into one of them, and after thirty seconds of transformation would force the game to close.

    I would do this just to try to add some sense that these out-of-reality looking peds would fit into the game world. then I realized: my god! I have to leave home and live a little.

  • @Niziul I don't download any scripts, but I would make an exception for that one. I would have Lara Croft do hot coffee with the blob ped.

  • @JohnFromGWN

  • @Niziul I wrote the script, well just the transition part using closest ped. Will upload it on all sites featuring GTA scripts.

    Disclaimer: just kidding. Or am I?

  • @JohnFromGWN
    my god! ksksksksksksksks

    I hope you are not kidding. I will be waiting to install it in my game!

  • @JustDancePC @Niziul @Aurora11 @gtavjamal

    I'm working on some new outfits. They're pretty damn good. Should I upload them and let the whole community benefit or should I try to sell them on Patreon? I was thinking $150 each? These are Menyoo settings, but I worked at least 40 hours on each one. Lots of sweating and coffee. I mean art is art right?

    I'm also working on what modders call a "better" version of a mod that was uploaded on this site. I don't remember the creator but don't worry I won't upload anything without his permission. I'm new to 3ds Max but as you can see the facial results look promising. Maybe I can release this as a beta? I'll contact the creator first of course.

    Disclaimer: this is a joke. Not to be taken seriously. I"m just having fun. Please don't take this as an attempt to mislead, I repeat this is only for my amusement, maybe yours too. No peds were harmed in the making of these mods.

    alt text

    alt text

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