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More to come...

  • You may remember me from my "real-life" texture packs. I dropped off the radar after my main PC spazzed out on me. Fortunately I had another PC lying around, but opted to discontinue modding until I got my main PC fixed again. That was back in June. Since then I have been working on improving my noob-level skills, by doing a variety of textures for other PC games, most notably the HL2 series, and Kingdoms of Amalur. Finally I have found employment, and expect to have my main PC repaired.

    Once repaired, I plan to continue where I left off. I have plans for fixing errors made in some remodeled houses I did. Then work on remodeling exterior houses. I also plan to bring HD foliage, grass, rocky cliffs, trees, etc. I cannot promise anything here, but I am also going to do something about those hideous looking peds, by converting from 512 sized textures to 2k.

    If there are things that you would like to see done, please leave any ideas here, and I will consider them., and decide in which order I will do them.

  • @eshenk Welcome back to the crazy house. :)

    I haven't forgotten about your question btw, I've just forgotten how to use the material editor properly in Max to try and work it out. :blush:

  • @LeeC2202 All good my man. I have to say I am excited about my return. I will be back soon. The idea of making peds looking like real humans instead of cartoons, I think is gonna be a top priority for me. If I need help on this, I know just the guy to go for, for pointers if any arise.

    Eventually, I plan to get comfortable with using Blender, as it allows for me recreating UV maps, so I can make things possible I otherwise would not be able to. Yes...I remember you warned me the headaches. Something tells me, I will regret not listening to you, LOL.

  • @eshenk Blender's pretty decent actually. It has some excellent modelling tools... I wish everything (GTAV modelling wise) was done in that, especially as it's free.

    Unfortunately, you still have to endure the pain of ZModeler3 if you want to convert anything.

  • @eshenk i hope you created the the real life dashound bus textures with greyhound go to x64i citye and go to dt07rpf

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks for the heads up. My first focus, will be to do something about the peds. The main characters are in 1k resolution, but other peds are 512, and that ugly hair is in 256. I really want to change that to have peds looking more like this -


  • @eshenk Keep an eye on saturation levels because the game ramps them up above what you see in the textures. Also watch for contrast levels as that's another thing the game messes with. But yeah, that works for me, better peds is a definite plus... just don't fix my favourite dead hooker. ;)

  • Nice work. Wonder how much FPS I would lose. @Weirdoutworld You will like this.

  • @LeeC2202 Good point with the textures appearing brighter in-game. Some of Project Reloads roads are perfect in the viewer... but really bluish in-game. Eh. Its ok because its not everywhere but does bother me.

    @eshenk 2k peds would be incredible. Looking for any HD buildings, bricks, roofs, trim ect... not just store fronts.
    HD wilderness ground textures... ive seen a lot with boosted saturation & contrast that I love, but still pixelated up close... HD ground would blend with the actual vegetation so well.

    I will be watching! Get to work!

  • @Weirdoutworld Your poor 980M.😂

  • @eshenk 2k Peds....... Its always good to knw early :p

  • @LeeC2202 I was afraid you would say this. I need a way to test the peds out as I do them then. I guess for that I need a trainer? And a way to know what the ped's name is so I can have it spawned?

  • Ladies and gents he's alive!
    Can't wait for more , i loved these mods :D

  • @eshenk said in More to come...:

    And a way to know what the ped's name is so I can have it spawned?

    trainers should already have the names , for example use simple native trainer and there should be all the categories (eg: Ig_ , S_F_Y , G_F_Y etc) and skins (Eg: hooker_01 , Hipster_01 , Hipster_02 etc)

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Thanks my dude. First paycheck I get, my PC goes in for repairs. Then I sit down and sort out what to do and in what order. The peds will be a challenge because of the sheer volume of them. For the peds, I may need to get a team assembled to have this done, as I believe there are hundreds of peds, LOL.

  • @Akila_Reigns It hates me so much... Im beating it to DEATH... LOL

  • got an question
    will you touch vehicles too?
    for example change the liveries to L.A ones etc

  • well idk
    just asking if he will do the vehicles too :P

  • @HeySlickThatsMe I'm using a mod "100 Near-Real Badges for vehicles" and another one similar and all vehicles have pretty decent LA livery

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