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Downgrade game now instantly crashes

  • Installed GTA V through steam, and from that point it's been goofy. I went to open the game and it immediately started downloading all over again.

    Once that download was done, I was able to run the game successfully. From there I found a YouTube video (<link deleted>) that's the video I followed step for step. Once all done, I went to test it out. Script Hook Critical Error, I see they updated GTA V and Script Hook isn't updated yet.

    I downgrade the game following this YouTube guide (<link deleted>) and from there when I launch the game it goes to the black screen like its loading then within 10 seconds it crashes back to Rockstar launcher and says "Quiting" like I quit the game.

    Any resolution for this issue?

    Mod break: Don't link resources to original game files.

    ScriptHookV has since been updated, so there is nothing to add to the discussion.

  • @burns92 yes, stop watching shitty videos and wait for the next release of SH5.

    Once SH5 is released do a verify integrity to remove all the crap the video had you change or install.

    You will then have a properly updated Steam game with the matching updated version of SH5.

    At that point you can start to backup your files and particularly GTA5.EXE so you can prepare for future updates.

    Note that sharing original game files is illegal and its discussion is prohibited on this site, not to mention a great way to screw up your game or get a virus.

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