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scripthook when new update?

  • when scripthookv 2628 comes out, it's been over a week

  • Nobody knows. Move on, wait like most are. :grin:

  • @fsix The developer doesn't live on these forums, he lives in a war zone called the Ukraine. Not sure what's a more important priority for him, updating SH5 for your pleasure or staying alive with his family.

    Contact him directly, assuming he can get an internet connection, and ask him for a release date, but be polite.

    And maybe read the other 50 posts on this topic first before creating a new one. And while you're at it, now would be a good time to backup your files.

  • @JohnFromGWN

    It is strange though that only one person out in the world is able to make these changes. i guess when he goes, so does the game.

  • @JohnFromGWN not trying to get on your bad side bro, you keep saying back up your files, but doing what's suggested on another thread and replacing those files after an update doesnt seem to work. and i also notice others commenting on the weird stealth update on 5/18 that just updating the game without authorization to do so.

  • @Starland You're right. What I'm advocating works and is foolproof with Steam versions of the game.

    However, right or wrong, i see this as 2 different issues.

    1. Backing up GTA5.exe allows you to revert while backing up update.rpf, as an absolute minimum, protects your dlclist.xml, gameconfig.xml, and other customizations from being overwritten by OpenIV after an update.

    2. Stopping continued updates after reverting is, while obviously related, a separate issue.

    Unfortunately other than bypass launcher mods that might no longer work, nobody on Epic or retail versions have posted a solution.

    Im almost tempted to buy a second version of GTA5 from EGS to figure out how to fix this, either by blocking it from a host file, or a firewall rule, or possibly a registry hack. In other words block internet access or trick the launcher into thinking game is updated.

    Regardless of whether this is feasible or not, we don't need 100 different posts on when SH5 will be ready. One is enough.

  • Out of curiosity just tested reverting EGS vers from latest to 2545. Worked perfect.

  • @gtavjamal doesn't it keep trying to update?

  • @JohnFromGWN Naw dawg. Not yet anyway. Still working perfect.

  • @gtavjamal Good. so why are all the other whining like lil babies?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @JohnFromGWN Yeah we all know that frustration things not working.
    If its a case of not backing up then its a harsh lesson we all need to learn at some point and for many the hard way.
    Me im not even a computer guy. I find the trick to getting things working is excellent tutorials / explanations like ones you do.
    I always keep it all as simple as possible, but not simpler. Einstein words.

  • @JohnFromGWN I had only asked why the downgrade of other versions does not work, and I do not know the developers or their stories and inconveniences they are experiencing, I apologize in that case

  • I backed up everything and followed your steps. Got the 'the game needs to update' block even though I had it blocked in the firewall. Otherwise, I get the 'you have been logged off because your ticket is old' message even after only playing offline once. I've had nothing but trouble with this since the December update because 'R' put some new restrictions in the code. I wouldn't have updated when the 'contract' came out but got hit with the 'ticket bug' when the launcher updated days before the contract. This 'stealth update' really fouled things up so even my backups don't work....

  • unfortunately theres no differentiation between steam game players and Stand Alone CD players, so its a little difficult sometimes to know what someone is referencing here... same rules do not apply for both.

  • Feel bad for you guys whos games are broke. I know nothing about computers. I just follow the instructions to the letter and hope for the best lol. Luck seems to be on my side. My Steam and EGS versions work perfect. All I did was revert and re-download / update my Rockstar Launcher.

  • @gtavjamal I tried the versions 2372 and 2612 but I do not start gta from the epic launcher nor the rockstar one, if anyone also knows why and could tell me

  • after you downgrade your game delete update2 if you have it modified and replace config using Dilapidated config and get the heap files from f7yo you should be fine

  • @Keisu said in scripthook when new update?:

    Dilapidated config

    if i wanted to use version 2372 i should do as i only have an update, i change gameconfig and ini file of heap and packfile

  • @fsix I'm not using that version I'm using 2545 and it works fine since i delete update2

  • @Keisu but update2 from mods folder original update?

  • @fsix no just files for the online patches update1 is all you need

  • Its been updated

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