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How to make your bodyguards not shoot sitting in the back of a van?

  • Hello guys, how to make your bodyguards not shoot sitting in the back of a car (van body). Which parameter should be removed or changed? So that the bodyguards in the van could not open the rear doors while sitting in the van and shoot

  • @DeFlorio, unless you're trying to alter the behavior of bodyguards within a trainer's script, at the basic 'don't arm them'. Otherwise they'll just fire at everthing they deem a threat. Even when unarmed they'll still 'flip the bird' at hostile peds. The other way depends on which trainer you use.

    Menyoo has the most diverse selection for ped behaviors and actions, but it's terrible for making fully functional bodyguards. The far better trainers for bodyguards are 'Simple' and 'Enhanced Native'.

    Simple has the more 'natural' acting of them all and does have a good selection of commands. The drawbacks are once set, most of the parameters can't be altered. The one's that can will 'break' the default behavior if you want to go back to it. These bodyguards break the 'follow mode' at the edge of any body of water that goes over your ankles. You'll have to 'push' them into the water and then they'll follow. Any opportunity they get to leave the water, they'll take it and you'll have to push them back in to continue. You can only arm them prior to spawning when you set up their primary and driveby weapons. After spawning they can only be disarmed after death.

    Enhanced has more versatile options, but the bodyguard's behavior is somewhat irratic. Good points are; you can set the distance and position they will follow you, they have a decent amount of commands and you can arm and disarm them via their weapons settings. They will also follow you into any body of water without hesitation. The 'bad points' are; though you can set the distance and position bodyguards will follow you, if it's too far it looks like you're not together. If it's closer than the default distance, the bodyguard will constantly 'run' to decrease the distance or be right up on you all 'needy'. The commands work, but during extended gameplay, they won't respond. But best of all, you can temporarily disarm them by selecting the 'Add / Remove Weapons' option.

  • Another flaw with ENT for bodyguards is if you get too much distance from them they will automatically teleport to you and when they do that they won't attack anyone being hostile toward you any more and will instead keep trying to duck for cover.

    Only way to get them to attack again is to dismiss them and respawn them which gets very annoying if the teleport happens because of situations you are in.

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