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  • When i add <item>dlcpacks line in the .rpf and open up GTA it says verify issues err_gen_zlib_2

    i cant update because script hook v doesnt work on the latest gta update. i'm using a downgraded version. when i replace the update.rpf file it works again but the <item> lines are deleted, and when i try to rewrite them back in i get the error. and a few mods wont load anymore. 21 savage replace and cops back on beat mods wont load. idk what mod is causing this issue. but can someone guide me?

  • @prosperus From my experience, GTA5 error are meaningless and so are the videos that claim they can fix them.

    When you say copying a backup version of update.rpf deletes a line in dlclist.xml that's absolutely false. A copy paste does not delete anything, it simply overwrites with a less current version, hence the missing line.

    From your description, whatever you are trying to load as dlc is causing your issue.

    Post your dlc line here so we can look at the syntax and also a link to that particular mod.

    Mods can conflict.

  • i think its the ultimate hood rim pack, just noticed it says its not being updated.

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