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Crash/missing dlc/addon

  • Hello all, not sure if iam at the right place, hope so.

    but I have some issues with making a own dlc/addon (private use).

    I have followed tut and use dlcpackgreator, but both not working for now.

    I have used a vehicle pack and changed the skin to my own design. but now I want to have the same pack for more departments, (LSPD, PBSO, BCSO, LSHP etc).

    but when I copy the models into the new dlc's vehicles.rpf and add the meta files. they dont load into my game. or the game crashes in the loading screen after like 30 sec.

    If the game does not crash, addonspawner could not found the vehicles, gives a infonote about wrong game version 75 or some like that.

    The folder structure:




            - vehicles.meta [pasetbin](https://pastebin.com/VaS7hRJS)
            - handling.meta [pastebin](https://pastebin.com/gekbBM4V)
            - dlctext.meta [pastebin](https://pastebin.com/2J5f2V4v)
            - carvariations.meta [pastebin](https://pastebin.com/etzNrALf)
            - carcols.meta [pastebin](https://pastebin.com/jmC6haai)
                   - lshpbuffalo.yft        original name polbuffalor.yft
                   - lshpbuffalo_hi.yft    original name polbuffalor_hi.yft
                   - lshpbuffalo.ytd        original name polbuffalor.ytd 
       - content.xml [pastebin](https://pastebin.com/kZv15Yd2)
       - setup2.xml [pastebin](KNdBAsJb)

    I hope somebody could help me out

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