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Game crash with mods folder on Win 11

  • Hi,
    After I installed Win 11, my game always crashes. I hope someone can help me.

    My RagePluginHook.log :

    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.088] Started new log on 30.05.2022 13:16:13.088
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.090] ====================================================================================================
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.074] Log path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\RagePluginHook.log
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.090] Log verbosity: Trivial
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.094] Initializing input system
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.098] Initializing game console
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.111] Console key has been set to F4 (key code: 115)
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.220] Initializing console variable "ConsoleScrollAmount".
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.221] Type: System.Int32, Reading section: "Miscellaneous", key: ConsoleScrollAmount
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.226] Read value: <null>
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.226] Initializing console variable "ConsoleKey".
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.226] Type: System.Windows.Forms.Keys, Reading section: "Miscellaneous", key: ConsoleKey
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.227] Read value: <null>
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.227] Initializing console variable "PluginTimeoutThreshold".
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.227] Type: System.Int32, Reading section: "Miscellaneous", key: PluginTimeoutThreshold
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.236] Read value: 60000
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.237] Setting value of console variable "PluginTimeoutThreshold" to stored value.
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.237] Initializing console variable "AlwaysShowConsoleOutput".
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.237] Type: System.Boolean, Reading section: "Miscellaneous", key: AlwaysShowConsoleOutput
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.240] Read value: <null>
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.240] Initializing console variable "ShowConsoleCommandInfoOnPluginLoad".
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.240] Type: System.Boolean, Reading section: "Miscellaneous", key: ShowConsoleCommandInfoOnPluginLoad
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.243] Read value: <null>
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.243] Initializing console variable "ShowOnScreenWarnings".
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.243] Type: System.Boolean, Reading section: "Miscellaneous", key: ShowOnScreenWarnings
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.245] Read value: <null>
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.245] Console initialized
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.245] Initializing forms manager
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.247] Cleaning temp folder
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.250] Version: RAGE Plugin Hook v1.93.1305.16293 for Grand Theft Auto V
    [30.05.2022 13:16:13.263] ================ RAGE Plugin Hook ================
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.270] Command line option "DX11" is specified twice. Please remove one.
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.271] Command line option "ignoreDifferentVideoCard" is specified twice. Please remove one.
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.282] Detected Windows 10 Home (64-bit) (10.0.22000.0)!
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.283] Checking game support
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.525] Product name: Grand Theft Auto V
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.525] Product version: 1.0.2628.2
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.525] Is steam version: True
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.528] Initializing DirectX
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.531] Initializing Direct3D
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.531] Getting game swap chain
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.576] Swap Chain created: 0x7FF644760460
    [5/30/2022 1:16:13 PM.576] Swap Chain VTable: 0x0

  • @Halunke24680 you will need to get help from someone who uses the combination of rage plugin and win11. Interestingly plugin detects version as win 10 not 11.

    Im still on win 10 64 Pro despite opportunity for free upgrade and i only use SH5, but i can share some advice with you.

    First check to see if your game runs stable without any mods, disable all of them. If it crashes or doesn't load period it's a Win 11 issue, probably graphics driver related.

    If the game does run well unmodded, add one mod at a time. I would suggest Menyoo with SH5 for example. If that works, try installing the rage plugin with one mod only.

    Rinse and repeat.

  • Without any mods the game runs but as soon as I install a mod it crashes again.

  • @Halunke24680 Adding "a mod" really doesn't provide any meaningful information.

    Is it an asi mod, a script mod, a vehicle addon, a ped addon, a replace, with SH5 or Rage?

    First things first, do you have the proper gameconfig.xml mods installed?

    Next, as i suggested, only install SH5, with dinput8.dll, without the native trainer, and install Menyoo.

    That would be a logical first step.

  • @JohnFromGWN For example, I only had one graphics mod (QuantV) installed and then it crashed right away. All my asi. Files work and also when I install the gamesconfig with a current for add-on cars it crashes. And without a mods folder everything loads.

  • @JohnFromGWN I will try it

  • I do not know why but the possibilities have unfortunately not solved the problem either :confused:

  • @Halunke24680 you need to start unmodded, do a verify integrity if necessary, and then slowly add one mod, test, rinse and repeat.

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