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How too add new bones to ped yft/skel?

  • I added the scuba flippers from MP Freemodel Female model to one of the addon peds I am using. It works nice and great however I noticed it is being static while swimming. What I mean is, it's not shaking or wobbling.

    So I decided to check through the files and noticed the peds that have flippers on them has a Flipper bone, which is being responsible for the wobbling.

    Then I exported the .yft file to open formats as .skel file and copy pasted both left and right Flipper bone under the Toe bone. Also added Children 1 entry to the Toe bone as well so it can be at the proper location. and I also increased the NumBones values by 2 since I added 2 more bones to the skeleton.

    However upon importing the model with the edited Skeleton into 3DS Max, all the existing bones are freaked out. For example Right Calf bone became Right Tigh bone .. and saw some newly added bones that wasn't added in the Bone List too.

    What do I need to do to properly add new bones to the Skeleton file without messing up the existing bones? :(

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