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How do I make helicopter fly lower when flown by peds

  • What the title says

  • @Armouredivision

    This was discussed once before, iirc, and no solutions were offered other than to have the chopper follow the player. If there is a setting in the meta data, you would have to search for it, but ive never encountered any solutions to altitude and even speed for vehicles can be inconsistent as different vehicles accelerate and brake differently.

  • @Armouredivision @JohnFromGWN It might not be a solution and I have never examined this file but I would like to mention something I experienced before.

    By short, I was installed this mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/swimmable-water-everywhere so I can use the pools in addon MLOs like Malibu Mansion.

    Well it was worked but it broke something else, which is all the planes and helicopters were flying almost out of the atmosphere. I believe it is because the flying vehicles determining their flight heights according to the sea level, which in other word the vertical distance between water and sky.

    If you perhaps compare that file with the original vanilla one and see which ones are edited, then lower the considered sea level below the true sea level, then it might make the air vehicles fly lower.

    But this is a very experimental thought I have and the reality might be a lot more complicated if it is even possible through this file.

    Also I'm not really sure are the planes and helicopters are using a scenario or navmesh file to determine their flight path. If so, then you might have to edit those files instead. Because almost all the planes and helicopters I see, they are all using the same route and height unless they are freaked out when you shoot them and except the one police helicopter that is following you.

  • @Aurora11 @Armouredivision

    Planes can be flown by peds with a flight path and landed as well. Not as clear how to do this with a helicopter.

  • Here is the short version.

    There exist three "types" of helis in V.

    1. Scenarios

    The heli has a set path(chains) made of manually placed points. This path can be fully edited(including height) in Codewalker, just as well as you can create your own custom paths (chains). The same goes for planes and boats.

    1. Dispatched.

    Dispatched helis are scripted to follow the player, you can edit a lot of settings for these helis, including how close to the ground they are allowed to fly, but the AI is not refined or fast enough to dodge buildings if it flies too low.

    1. Random Events.

    One of the random events in the game is an ambient cop chase, where there also is a probability of a heli spawning. There is no way to control that heli, since all it does is chase the criminals.

  • @grateful_for_mods Would love to see some sample code. I remember playing with the native functions before I knew how to script and never managed to figure it out - never went back. Planes are relatively easy, although you need the proper coordinates to land - but I never really tried with the choppers.

  • Hey. I am strictly talking about working with CodeWalker and editing game files in general.

    Here is a simple example where I quickly manipulated the altitude of the path of a lifeguard heli.

    alt text

    And here is another example where I was testing a bunch of different things at the same time, one of them being spawning planes taking off according to a schedule.

  • @grateful_for_mods ok. Yeah, what i was referring too is the poorly documented mission related native functions for choppers.

    The other factor is of course the inconsistent behavior of the AI. In scripts, parameters such as speed, driving style, and minimum distances are rarely consistent.

    Similarly even C# spawning a car with absolute coordinates can be inconsistent, yet i can spawn props consistently with absolute precision.

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