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[Tutorial] | Handling.meta

  • Does anyone knows how to make the car go slow like decrease the horsepower ?

  • @Hellcat_Productions Reduce the "FINITIALDRIVEFORCE" value.

  • how to make both door unbreakable driver side front and passenger side front ?

  • @Jaxbourne
    Not sure, but try the value '5'



    Also, if it works, let me know :thumbsup: (I did have research on this from years back, can't seem to find it right now tho :rolling_eyes: )

  • @a63nt-5m1th oh it does work thank alots man you save me life

  • Found a clue towards what handling flag "TYRES_CAN_CLI" does; I had issues with the Schwartzer accelerating stupidly fast, even when I turned down the inertia multiplier as low as 0.2, and only when I removed that flag, did it start behaving normally again. So I'm guessing it may mean "tires can climb hills" and increases forward traction or downforce significantly. This seems to be corroborated by the Sandking, Dump, Sanchez & Tractor being some of the few vanilla cars to use it. Why they used it on the Feltzer, Stinger and Police3 are anyone's guess though.

  • @PermissionToLand
    That's been in the distant recesses of my mind for years, lol, glad we've got at least some info to go on now. Nice one :thumbsup:

    TYRES_CAN_CLIP was my best guess up until now.
    The Internet didn't fare any better with:

  • So with the INITIALDRIVEMAXFLATVEL it determines the redline speed of the vehicle. But there is a note in there that
    says "Setting this value DOES NOT guarantee the vehicle will reach the given speed." Is there a way to work around this because I have a vehicle that's redline won't change when changing this variable and I would like to make it go faster?


    You can basically see that as the speed the gearing would allow. To make the car reach those speeds, you'll need to give the engine more power.

  • How do you make it so a vehicle can go faster than 112 MPH?

  • @McShadow2002
    At it's very simplest, increasing speed is usually a combination of these three values:

          <fInitialDragCoeff value="7.000000" /> <!-- Lower for More Speed/Less Drag -->
          <fInitialDriveForce value="0.450000" /> <!-- Raise for More Speed/Acceleration/Power -->
          <fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel value="190" /> <!-- Raise to increase Top Speed Limit in highest gear -->

    Generally, those^ values should get you to around 155mph>175mph with a little leeway either way depending on other values like grip & such.

  • Hello good I have a couple of vehicles but they don't have the Handling.meta file. I don't know if you could help me (some of those vehicles are Add-On and others Replacerple) ??

  • @a63nt-5m1th You know any fix for when cars are flipping over?

  • @Erikbergman
    Lower the 'z' value for 'vecCentreOfMassOffset' in 'handling.meta':

          <vecCentreOfMassOffset x="0.000000" y="0.000000" z="lower this value here" />

    It can be negative if required.
    How much you lower it by depends, try lowering the value by 1.0 or 0.5 or something at a time, until the vehicle stops flipping over, & then tweak up or down in smaller increments until you get the perfect centre of mass you are looking for. :thumbsup:

  • hi the handling editor is driving me nuts, i never understood it and there are no proper tutorials online so i guess asking here is the best thing
    i have a question, i play in a freeroam server in fivem and many ppl have presets wich allow you to go fast but at the same time to have perfect traction at turns at fast speeds without skidding or flipping over and stuff like that ecc, but no matter hours i spent on it ive never been able to acheive that (as nobody ever teached me the basics of that handling thing) and of course they wanna keep their "secret" and wont tell me.
    also annother issue i have is that i have not been able to pass the 300 or so kmh with the flat level limited at 320 or something but ppl go faster than that with same car and presets but i cant, is hard to explain but yea you get the idea

  • Hello guys,
    pls help me:
    my ambulance car flip over every second.
    I did all what I could but it not function. Can someone tell me what I need to change exactly in the handling file or whatever?
    Thank you in advance

  • To set one flag ref the image " https://i.imgur.com/uGRMIJ5.png " say we want to give a DILETTANTE the OFFROAD_ABILITY2 that is the 6th column so the value has to be 6 digits all together then the option we want for that is the 2nd row, so the first digit of the value will be 2 and the complete value would be 200000. Another example if you wanted to give a vehicle rear steering the value would be 20. I explained that as best I could if someone could make it more legible feel free.

  • i need help, anyone know how to camber the car?

  • How can i improve a car turning at low speeds?

  • Is there anyway i can edited automated wings for Supercars?e.g bugatti veyron,mclaren p1 within handling.meta or vehicle.meta?

  • Does anyone know how to remove the range of the vehicle weapons ? Thanks for the tutorial :thumbsup:

  • so im trying to put a downforce to my cars but its not actually applying to some vehicles even tho i have it spelled correctly...any ideas why??

  • @V4D3R
    Thank you for this great knowledge!!

  • Falls es noch keiner weiß oder es gepostet wurde.


    z="-0.9-1100000" /> = bei SUV

    z="-0.3-60000" /> = bei sportwagen und 4 sitzer

    Dieses command zu beeinflussen erzeugt das euer Fahrzeug nicht mehr umkippt wenn ihr lenken wollt.

  • What're those model flags named ABS_STD, ABS_OPTION, ABS_ALT_STD, ABS_ALT_OPTION?
    And What're those in handling flags? I don't get any of em

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