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  • @a63nt-5m1th Any clue what the difference between collisionmultiplier and deformatiomultiplier is? Deformation seems to control the visual damage, and I cant really tell any difference from changing collisionmult.

  • Hi guys!
    I would like to upgrade my No brakes mod, but there is a function in the game what I would like to turn off, but can't found it.
    This function is to push the brake for parked cars in approximity of the player. This function makes the car to stop from even 1-2 km/h when the player wants to enter the vehicle, or prevent the vehicle to move when you want to get in.
    Where can I edit/turn off this parameter?

  • @PermissionToLand
    Yeah, 'fDeformationDamageMult' is how much the vehicle deforms in an impact.
    fCollisionDamageMult influences how much damage the vehicle recieves from impacts & works in combination with 'fEngineDamageMult' to calculate the overall damage value.
    If you set fCollisionDamageMult to 99999.9999 you'll see it :fire: :thumbsup:

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