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[Tutorial] | Handling.meta

  • @a63nt-5m1th Any clue what the difference between collisionmultiplier and deformatiomultiplier is? Deformation seems to control the visual damage, and I cant really tell any difference from changing collisionmult.

  • Hi guys!
    I would like to upgrade my No brakes mod, but there is a function in the game what I would like to turn off, but can't found it.
    This function is to push the brake for parked cars in approximity of the player. This function makes the car to stop from even 1-2 km/h when the player wants to enter the vehicle, or prevent the vehicle to move when you want to get in.
    Where can I edit/turn off this parameter?

  • @PermissionToLand
    Yeah, 'fDeformationDamageMult' is how much the vehicle deforms in an impact.
    fCollisionDamageMult influences how much damage the vehicle recieves from impacts & works in combination with 'fEngineDamageMult' to calculate the overall damage value.
    If you set fCollisionDamageMult to 99999.9999 you'll see it :fire: :thumbsup:

    This affects the cars stance whether its lowered in the front or in the back
    0.5 means front and rear are equal in height. Under 0.5 lowers the front, over 0.5 lowers the back (like Vapid Blade).

    <fRollCentreHeightFront value="0.500000" />
    <fRollCentreHeightRear value="0.500000" />

    These values affect body roll. Some mod cars experience inverse body roll when cornering and braking/accelerating.
    Lowering these values fixes this. There is a "break even point" where the body roll turns opposite.

  • Hi guys, is there anyone who knows the location of the handling.meta files of cargobob2/3 and velum2? I have been trying to edit these vehicles but I cannot find their handling files anywhere. I have found them once but now I forgot.

  • @ChaudhuriSB said in [Tutorial] | Handling.meta:


    They use the same handling profile as the cargobob:


          <handlingId>CARGOBOB</handlingId> <!-- 'CARGOBOB' -->

    So handling is in:

    @ChaudhuriSB said in [Tutorial] | Handling.meta:


    Same with the velum2:


          <handlingId>VELUM</handlingId> <!-- 'VELUM' -->
          <vehicleMakeName />

    So handling is in:

    You can easily rename 'vehicles.meta' line to '<handlingId>VELUM2</handlingId>' etc & then create separate handling for them in 'handling.meta' (duplicate original & then rename etc):


        <Item type="CHandlingData">
          <handlingName>velum2</handlingName>  <!-- 'velum2' -->
          <fMass value="5000.000000" />
          <fInitialDragCoeff value="8.000000" />

    if you want them all to have different :thumbsup:

  • @darkblue said in [Tutorial] | Handling.meta:

    <fRollCentreHeightFront value="0.500000" />
    <fRollCentreHeightRear value="0.500000" />

    These values affect body roll. Some mod cars experience inverse body roll when cornering and braking/accelerating.
    Lowering these values fixes this. There is a "break even point" where the body roll turns opposite.

    CenterofMassOffset Z value seems to do the same thing, and inverts if you just add/remove a negative sign.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you very much man!

  • @a63nt-5m1th Finally, I made it work now. Just in case someone else asks, to change the data of velum2, one has to change the vehicle.meta file in mpheist/dlc_patch/update.rpf. Still not sure if it works only to add velum2 data in handling.meta mpheist/dlcpacks/x64/update.rpf or handling.meta in data/common/update.rpf, I did both. Again, THANKS VERY MUCH!

  • @ChaudhuriSB said in [Tutorial] | Handling.meta:


    'dlc_patch' takes priority over dlcpacks :thumbsup:

  • this is great!
    but how do you change the steering lock at higher speeds?

  • How to set rearwheels steering absolute maximum steering angle different from front wheels steering absolute maximum steering angle?

  • fGearDoorFrontOpen

    These are related to how far the flaps will move when the landing gear is raised in the aircraft.

  • So I'm messing with motorbikes for the first time, and increasing lowspeedtractionloss just results in the bike having no power at launch and barely moving, instead of spinning the rear wheel. This also makes it hard to create power-oversteer, as I can only get oversteer that reacts the same regardless of whether the throttle is being applied or not.

  • Hey! Any way to get some descriptions for the CBoatHandlingData? I'm trying to make an amphibious vehicle and it gets kindof annoying having to re-start over and over just to fine tune it to float how i want!

    EDIT: I think i should actually elaborate a bit as to what's happening. It turns fine in the water while moving backwards, but if i move forwards it won't turn at all. I don't expect it to turn much, as i want it to be at least semi-realistic for a vehicle that isn't actually truly designed to be amphibious. I want to give the impression that it's just the sheer size of the tires that are suspending the vehicle out of the water. It is also SUPER bouncy in the water, as if it's attached to a bungee cord. Some of the bouncyness is cool, but it's a little overkill right now. Also, I can turn the steering angle up (unrelated to boat handling data) and it actually turns fine while moving forwards, But i actually need to REDUCE the steering angle because if i don't, with the vehicle i'm making, the tires will collide. I just don't understand how it steers EXACTLY how i want it to while it's moving backwards, but if i move forward there is nearly 0 steering input.

  • in fPercentSumberged
    what is the invalid number where if the car is submerged, the player is not going to drown?

  • Good day. please tell me how can I change the gravity of cars? I don't want them to fly in the hills.

  • @myself345
    Your best bet is to use something like this:

    	  <fDownforceModifier value="4.5" />

    in 'handling.meta'.

    You can add it to vehicle's that don't have it. It'll still work. :thumbsup:
    The higher you put the value, the more the vehicle will be pressed into the ground & the lower & shorter it's jump distance will be.

    This also affects the 'fInitialDragCoeff' value increasing drag slightly & pushes the wheels up into the arches (especially at high values & high speed & soft suspension).
    You'll probably want to tweak the 'fInitialDragCoeff' & the 'fSuspensionForce/fSuspensionUpperLimit' to compensate for that, & then edit the suspension dampening values to compensate for the harder suspension force, but it will all depend on the vehicle & how much downforce you want (sportscars will less affected, muscle cars & such more so, given their increased wheel travel & generally softer suspension).

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you very much. I will try your advice

  • STRMODELFLAGS 2nd digit, what is the difference in the 4 abs flags?

  • @dodgeboy121
    Not done much testing but...

    My results:

    • 1 = ABS_STD - Small brake marks at end of skid
    • 2 = ABS_OPTION - Long dark brake marks
    • 4 = ABS_ALT_STD - Dotted brake marks (like real life ABS)
    • 8 = ABS_ALT_OPTION - Long dark brake marks (similar/same as '2')

    For me at least 1, 2 & 8 brake about the same. 2 & 8 may even stop quicker (quick test) but I don't like the heavy dark brake marks much.

  • @V4D3R one of my car flips over when I try to turn and it reaches 0-100mph in 6s which is so fast can u Pls explain me how can I fix this. I want to lower the transaction speed and fix this car flip.

  • @Labibmods Try lowering these settings for slower acceleration;

    fDriveInertia (Effects acceleration most)

    Last 3 indirectly effecting acceleration. I have made the order in the order of which one effecting acceleration most.

    Try increasing these settings to eliminate body roll;

    If it's not a low or mid class car though, 0-100 mph at 6 seconds is normal. My BMW M8 does the same too and does that at 4 seconds if I do it with Launch Control. In real it's 10 seconds without Launch Control. Don't know how it is with LC enabled but probably 6 seconds my best guess.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks man You Rock bro!

  • @PermissionToLand
    Yes, but not exactly. The Z value distributes the weight from top to bottom. Imagine if you have baggage on the roof or under the car, but it´s just the weight of the car. Increasing this value too much makes the car roll over in the corners. Lowering it does prevent that. The fRollCentreHeight value is separated so you can have a lot body roll without the car rolling over. Both should be combined because if you have a car, that is rolling over in corners and you lower the Z value until it won´t roll over anymore you typically eliminate the body roll or have as good as nothing. Adjusting the fRCH value makes the car handle realistic again. Playing with this value does not make the car roll over though no matter how you increase or decrease it.

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