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[Tutorial] | Handling.meta

  • @sgt-snazzy said in [Tutorial] | Handling.meta:

    What line would I need to change to prevent a vehicle from tipping over at high speeds (I want to try drifting a Mule but it keeps tipping over)

      <vecCentreOfMassOffset x="0.000000" y="-0.120000" z="Reduce This" />

    Best way to do it without messing with traction is to lower the 'z' parameter above. It can be negative if you need to drop the centre of mass a lot.

    Another way would be to lower lateral grip but that will make the vehicle slide sideways more & isn't always desirable.

      <fTractionCurveMax value="Reduce This" />

    I also reckon

      <fRollCentreHeightFront value="0.210000" />
      <fRollCentreHeightRear value="0.210000" />

    should play a part in it but I've not tested that extensively enough to know the finer details. I presume lowering the values should make the vehicle less likely to roll but I've had mixed results editing the RollCentreHeight so there may be other factors at play there.

  • @Cass Does this: "HF_TYRES_RAISE_SIDE_IMPACT_THRESHOLD" mean it's harder to get the wheel pushed in on a side impact? That would be fantastic if so.

  • @PermissionToLand Dont know. Report back if it does

  • @Cass EDIT: Just noticed "Rightmost digit is the first one" I'm an idiot! Let's try that again!

  • @Cass Doesn't seem to make wheels stronger, or if so, very slightly. Any other ideas on how to achieve that?

  • @PermissionToLand Other than deformation, no. There are lots of unknown flags. Proabaly embedded in the exe.

  • @V4D3R please strHandlingFlags point need more details I don't understand anything

  • @Cam-E Come on.. Every handling name of all the cars in the game are documented on their respective wikia page, it took me not even a minute of googling to stumble upon the wikia page of the Elegy Retro Custom. It's handling name is : ELEGY.

  • Big but relatively important bump.

    Since Southern SA Super Sports DLC, sub-handling type CCarHandlingData was modified and new optional defines were added:


    As well as a new (also optional) flag table called strAdvancedFlags. Maybe someone could figure out what exactly those do and affect, as well as the new flags.

  • @Patão_Innertubey
    Camber, Castor & Toe are wheel alignment settings in real life & likely the same in GTA V. Explained in detail here. :thumbsup:
    The others I would have to guess at.

  • Is there any way to disable the "air suspension" that automatically lifts certain cars when in motion?

  • What line Would I fix if the car is flipping when you are turning at about 20MPH or less and it flips

  • @JustCalMePug
    Refer to the first part of my previous post up the page here.
    Basically, reduce the 'z' parameter of '<vecCentreOfMassOffset' in 'handling.meta'.

  • is there a value line that controlls up hill or down hill speed ? i just modded my car and i got it near to what i want
    i can do a 163 on the freeway but when i start going up hill ( steep ) in the hills its limited to 60mph ... strange ...

  • @dodgeboy121 That's not strange, it's called GRAVITY.

  • @dodgeboy121
    As @PermissionToLand says this is perfectly normal behaviour for the game (& real life).

    I would say your best bet of getting what you want without disrupting the handling characteristics of your vehicle is probably messing with this setting:

          <fDriveInertia value="1.000000" />

    Note: You will need to compensate to some degree no-matter what you edit in relation to engine power/acceleration/torque/grip if you have an exact 0-60 time & top speed in mind.

    You could try raising 'fDriveInertia' for more immediate torque/less inertia.

    Easy enough to test, try:

          <fDriveInertia value="5.000000" />

    to start with & see if it makes any noticable difference to acceleration/torque/hill climb ability etc. Basically it should make the engine rev quicker which results in less inertia thus the engine is able to deliver more power to the wheels resulting in more hill climb ability (if you have the grip to transfer that to the road).

    Note: If your forward grip ('fTractionCurveMin') is too low more torque will just cause the wheels to slip a bit more & you won't really see any subtle changes you make to 'fDriveInertia' very easily.

    Tip: Use an add-on test car that you don't care about & can easily remove from your game to test various 'handling.meta' settings until you get an idea of what they do. It's hard to teach people handling in GTA V as it's like a house of cards getting it right. It's all about balance & something you can only really learn by doing.
    There are a few handling editors on the site that will allow you to edit settings on the fly in-game so no need to restart the game in-between changing settings etc. Do it using one of them or it will take hundreds of years to do each car :slight_smile:
    Hope it helps. Best of luck mate :thumbsup:

  • I have some things you can add: CenterofMass Z value affects body roll as well. Negative values prevent body roll and positive values increase it. The Y value also affects handling in a somewhat similar way to tractionbias, but less pronounced. And finally, the InertiaMultiplier Y value also affects how quickly the car rolls from side to side when on the ground as well. Turn it up and a car with a soft suspension doesn't immediately snap down when the body rolls. Looks more realistic.

  • @V4D3R I appreciate the list, but is there an explanation anywhere as to what the handling/modeling flags do? Namely in terms of deformation and wheel durability

  • Why are these values, (easy to confirm with fSteerLock being about 100 times smaller) mostly different from what you find in handling.meta, but match what you use in RAGE:MP setHandling method?
    As far as I can tell this guide is more about in-memory manipulation, but that begs the question, is it possible to retrieve the original vehicle handling data after the handling.meta to in-memory conversion?
    I'm mostly confused as this guide is replicated elsewhere, but no one even talks about the values being all different.

  • @V4D3R said in [Tutorial] | Handling.meta:

    Describes how fast an engine will rev.

    Do you mean reverse by "rev."?

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    Nah, he means revolutions. As in rpm (revolutions per minute) :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thank you

  • Which handling setting stops the car from slowing down while not accelerating? So like in reallife when you have for ex. the first gear.
    I know its possible because of GreenAid's handling settings to some car mods here.
    I asked him long time ago but the setting he telled me, seems to be the wrong one. And his account doesn't exist here anymore for some reason.

  • @MrGTAmodsgerman
    I would have thought it was 'FREEWHEEL_NO_GAS' in the 'strHandlingFlags'.

    In 'handling.meta' the line looks like this:


    To switch 'FREEWHEEL_NO_GAS' to ON you want to make sure the 3rd digit from the right (Note: right to left) is a '1'.
    Leave the other digits as they are. They won't always be zeros (as in my example above) & there won't always be 8 digits either.
    If there is only one zero there, you can pad digits 1 & 2 out with zeroes to get to digit 3 (same applies for any other digit up to 8 ). Like this:


    If there are less than 3 digits & some of them are not zeroes, leave the non-zeros as they are & only change the 3rd digit (right to left) to '1' :thumbsup:

    Change this:


    to this:


    Tested 'FREEWHEEL_NO_GAS' & I can confirm it works :slight_smile: :thumbsup:. Taking my foot off the gas @ ~130mph on a slight incline there was a stopping distance difference of about a block :thumbsup:
    You should definitely be able to notice the change :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Thanks. Well i thought it is something that can be adjusted. But this needs any car. I wonder why R* didn't use it much.

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