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3D era Rampages

  • To be honest, I was kinda bummed out with the Rampages GTA V had. 5 ain't enough imo and I wish to have a script where there would be about 20 more with more gangs and maybe have some with where you have to use a specific weapon, like a Baseball Bat.
    I think it'll be a cool addition, like the Survivals mod.

  • Here's some objectives I thought of:

    Drive-by 30 Ballas in 2 minutes (Machine Pistol)
    Torch 20 Vagos in 2 minutes (Molotovs)
    Destroy 25 vehicles in 4 minutes (Minigun)
    Stab 10 Triads in 1 minute (Knife)
    Decimate 50 Lost MC members in 3 minutes (Carbine Rifle)
    Snipe 25 Rednecks in 2 minutes (Heavy Sniper, headshots only)
    Kill 40 Families Gang members in 3 minutes (Combat Shotgun)

    Most of them should have difficulty in time or what weapon you need to use.

  • @-EcLiPsE- This is my kind of mod, I like your idea. If you want to give further details on how the mod should work or have more ideas for objectives, feel free to share them.

  • Here's some:

    1. Headshots only count during sniper rampages, body shots won't.
    2. A skull icon to show where the rampage is, like the 3D rampages.
    3. Remove the player abilities during specific rampages, Michael's ability during sniper rampages, Franklin's ability during drive-by rampages, and Trevor's ability during melee rampages.
    4. No rampages where you need to kill random npc's, only gangs or vehicles.
    5. Enemies during melee rampages should be one hit, and be armed with pistols, knives, and bats.

    I might have some more details later on.

    More possible rampage objectives:
    Blow up 20 Ballas in 2 minutes (RC Bandito) reference to "Triad Takedown" in GTA: Liberty City Stories!
    Destroy 30 Vagos lowriders in 3 minutes (Compact Grenade Launcher)
    Hard-scope 15 Marabunte Grande members in 2 minutes (Marksman Rifle)
    Whack 80 Armenian mobsters in 4 minutes (Gusenberg Sweeper)
    Mow down 100 Rednecks in 5 minutes (Combat MG)
    Run over 30 Street Punks in 2 minutes (Vehicle)
    Snipe 15 Cartel members (Cayo Perico guards) in 2 minutes (Sniper Rifle) This one must be one on of those guard towers in CP.
    Terminate 30 Lost MC members in 3 minutes (Sawn-Off Shotgun) Must be on a bike during this.
    Annihilate 50 Families Gang members in 2 minutes (RPG)
    Slice and Dice 20 Marabunte Grande members in 3 minutes (Machete)
    Explode 30 Triads in 2 minutes (Sticky Bombs)
    Exterminate 40 Professionals in 3 minutes (Advanced Rifle)
    Eliminate 25 Rednecks in 2 minutes (Double-Action Revolver)

    Some random ones I thought of:
    Destroy 20 Oppressors in 3 minutes (Rail Gun)
    Launch 30 tryhards in 4 minutes (Up-N-Atomizer) Enemies must be one shot during this.
    Burn 15 Altruist members in 2 minutes (Flare Gun)

    Neat that someone actually hears one of my ideas, thanks for noticing!

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