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Manage your Race Tracks - LemonUI

  • LemonUI is a great tool to create you own custom trainer/menu. It's not meant to replace Menyoo or Simple Trainer etc, it's just that it gives you the ability to make your own - removing the 95% crap you will never use in the process.

    Sample code below the video.

    //new race tracks, RaceTracks2
    private static readonly NativeMenu RaceTracks2 = new NativeMenu("Tracks", "~g~Race Courses 2", "");
    private static readonly NativeItem RaceTracks_14 = new NativeItem("~y~Akinako - Akina Lake", "Short Closed Loop");
    private static readonly NativeItem RaceTracks_15 = new NativeItem("~y~Hakone", "Long ends in loop");
    private static readonly NativeItem RaceTracks_16 = new NativeItem("~b~Irohazakad", "With Hakone DLC");

    RaceTracks2.MaxItems = 15;

    RaceTracks2.Add(RaceTracks_14); RaceTracks_14.Activated += GoTo_AkinaLake;
    RaceTracks2.Add(RaceTracks_15); RaceTracks_15.Activated += GoTo_Hakone;
    RaceTracks2.Add(RaceTracks_17); RaceTracks_17.Activated += GoTo_Myogi;
    RaceTracks2.Add(RaceTracks_18); RaceTracks_18.Activated += GoTo_Sadamine;

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