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Simple Zombies Zombie sfx installment question:

  • Hello I've played gta on console for a while and I've started getting into it on my PC so I could tinker with mods more and I'm still pretty new to it all. I have the simple zombies mod and I really like it but i wanted the zombies to actually sound like zombies, so I downloaded a mod from @WolfFire23309 to do so but i'm a bit confused on the installment instructions. I put the files into my sxf folder in the game's directory but it didn't seem to work.

    Can anyone maybe give me some input on what I'm doing wrong and help me fix it? Appreciate any advice thank you.

  • @B1ggs Dawg almost correct. Place both awc files here:
    mods > x64 > audio > sfx > S_MISC.rpf

  • @gtavjamal that's the thing I don't have a folder in the directory just called mods so I put it in x64 > audio > sfx folder but it didn't work and there is a rpf file in there called S_MISC but it's just a file. I don't know am I missing something here? I know this sounds dumb I'm just to this I'm sorry

  • @B1ggs Hold up. Are you using Open IV? If so just dbl click on S_MISC.rpf and drag and drop the 2 awc files and ya done.

    In case you don't have Open IV check this vid. Shout out to Games & Graphics.

  • @gtavjamal No I don't have OpenIV I've never heard of it. What is it for. I figured I wouldn't need a 3rd party application like that since I didn't have to when I installed the simple zombies mod.

  • @B1ggs open iv is required in order to mod the game its what allows you to open rpf files and edit them the reason you didnt need it to install simple zombies is because its just a script

  • @Sympathy ok so I just need to install that and then I can add additional mod into simple zombies. I get it

  • @B1ggs Yeah dawg. Either Open IV or CodeWalker. Some mods you can install without dese but many mods need them to some degree.

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