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About vehicle weights and accelerations...

  • Sorry for a short topic but I couldn't find a proper topic name for this matter in a decent length so I left it short ..

    In GTA 4, a vehicle's weight was always same no matter who drives it. So it was easy to push a car with the same car or even completely stop them.

    However in GTA 5, the cars driven by NPCs are always having heavier weights compared to the ones driven by Player character. and they can very very easily push you away with a lot lightweight cars compared to yours, this also makes collisions act very awkward as well while both cars are moving especially at medium and high speeds.
    They give a kiss from your side and your car almost gets flying out of the barriers but you ram them from side like in those movies where they magically always perfectly time it, they only get a small shake and your car ends up spinning, even if you do this with slightly heavier cars...

    Anywho, so is there any script or a value change to disable this magical awkward weight difference between same cars?

    and yes, I also took into consideration the player weight so tried the same thing by having 3 other people sit in my car and tried to block the same car that is driven by only 1 person. Cars head to head, mine is at full accelearation, the NPC was able to quite easily pushed my car out of the road. So, it can't be about the character weights I have tried :rofl: :rofl: :sweat_smile:

    Oh and, they also accelerates a lot faster as well :D In wantedtuning.ymt I can change the AutomobileSpeedModifier to remove the cops having faster accelerations but for normal NPCs I couldn't find any value :thinking:

  • @Aurora11 I'm curious to know what the actual stats are on npc drivers compared to when the player is driving something. I couldn't help but notice early on when I got the game how much better they are at driving anything no matter how crappy the vehicle compared to the player.

  • @MegaTBull True they always drive way better almost like driving on rail .. The way they are able to turn corners are pretty amazing to be honest, they all have like that Benefactor Krieger's handling when it comes to turns :thinking:

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