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Problems with ped and mask

  • Hi guys i have the next problem with a mask in a ped. What happens is that the mask does not move with the head, it is fixed in one point. Does anyone know why this could happen?Image

  • @marquinhos Are you attaching the Mask to the ped with Menyoo or is the Mask is being an accessory you can select between clothing options?

    If you doing it with Menyoo, you need to change the location to Head. By default it always attaches to SKEL_Root . So you need to change it to Head. Scroll it with left arrow (or Num4) keys. Right key seems to always loop between 2 locations.

    If it is a clothing option, then you need to import the ped's skeleton and the mask to 3DS Max. (By skeleton I mean the ped's .yft file. Export it to Open Formats using OpenIV, and export the Mask to Open Formats as well. Copy the .odd name of the mask and rename the .skel file with the same name and add FULL at the end).

    This way 3DS Max will import the mask with ped's skeleton (You need to download Gims EVO plugin for Importing&Exporting gta 5 models). Once that is done (You may need to watch some tutorials after this part) select the mask, and at the top right of the screen there is button named Skin. Click on it, enable Edit Envelopes and tick the Vertices.

    Then you can scroll down a little bit and will see a list of bones. Select SKEL_Head . Now just click and hold and drag your mouse until the mask is fully selected. Just right under the bone list there is a small button that looks like the tool been used for tightining/losing the screws. Click on it, it's Weight Modifier. and in there you will see the numbers on top of the Weight Modifier screen, starting from 0, 0.25 , 0.5 ... 1 . Click on 1. You will see the mask will turn to red.

    Once all this is done, you can Export the model back and drag&drop it's .odd file into the OpenIV where it will auto convert the model back to it's .ydd format and the mask will be fully attached to the head and it will move accordingly to the head <3

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