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[SCRIPT] Safer drivers

  • Any chance that someone can make a script mod that calms drivers down? Every time a weapon is discharged within earshot, they freak out and floor the gas, hitting anything standing in their way at full speed. Either that, or they start swerving all over the place and into the wrong way.

  • @Sierra you can change values in shockingevents.ymt and scenariotriggers.meta file.

  • @Sierra take a look at this

  • Try Native Simple Trainer, and turn on everyone ignores player. That seems to work for when the player fires a weapon, But it might not work if someone other than the player fires a weapon. Which should be rare, because the main way to get a ped to fire their weapon, would be from provoking them to do so. But if everyone ignores the player. No peds should be provoked to shoot their weapon in the first place.

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