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Model not showing on game Add on ped

  • I am running GTA 5 1.0.2628.2
    i am having problem with add on ped. After successfully installation . Model not showing in game . Only two model showing superman and mafia. Where i added 4 more ped in the ped folder . I have tried almost everything that available on youtube nothing works.

    I use Native trainer,menyoo and NIB in this game which is working perfectly.

    Thanks in advance

  • Strange. What peds you trying to load?

  • @GameOverr said in Model not showing on game Add on ped:

    After successfully installation .

    Many people here, myself included, would argue that a successful installation is one where the ped actually does appear in game. It's easy to blame the game, but it's always human error. As for Youtube fix videos? Hit or miss, generally miss by a mile. If you're using Native Trainer, my guess is you just started modding.

    Normally speaking it doesn't matter which ped models didn't install but if you are using scripts for these peds, then as @gtavjamal wrote, it can't hurt to provide links to the addons - just in case they are problematic which will be obvious in the mod's comment section.

    The only question I have for you is how did you install the peds. If you used the outdated/buggy addon ped mod, can't really help other than ask did you install a streaming ped as streamed, normal as not streamed?

    If you used the simple and flexible method from @ReNNie , then it should be easy to troubleshoot. Ensure you have the 4 files for a normal ped, no conflicts with other named mods. One folder and 2 files for streamed peds. Make sure you choose male or female. We can talk about props later. So you need the files and the proper entry in peds.meta.

    If I had a dollar for each ped I installed this way.....

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