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Vehicle track shader

  • Can anyone pass, how to do a certain shader track setup? To animate like chains and gears after updating bikers? Pass the ID or something of the type ..

  • @Caz-Modding its done, in zm3. use shader vehicle_track or Vehicle_track2. vehicle track one moves when car moves, vehicle_track2 moves when engine is turned on/running.

  • @FoxtrotDelta
    Could you let me know, or do a brief tutorial? I tried to make the pulley of the engine using vehicle_track, however, in the game it was inanimate, it was only the normal texture, I tried several ways, but no results, I need to change the handling or vehicles.meta so that it works in the car in the game • OR use a specific ID for the part, or those user settings? help plz

  • @Caz-Modding no need of editing any meta files. or any id, just give the engine , Vehicle_track2 shader from zmodeler3 shader configuration.

  • @FoxtrotDelta alright, i get trying this, thank u so much bro !

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